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14 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR Flexitanks Rishi ramps up flexitank capabilities R ishi FIBC is well-known for producing quality FIBCs and liner bags. But in recent years the company has been ramping up its design and production of bulk liquid flexitanks. Joseph Fransis, executive director & CEO, points out that the flexitank market is growing in double digit figures, and the company wants to be a technology leader here just as in the FIBC business. “Today, we are the second largest manufacturer of high end FIBCs in the world with a capacity of 10 million bags a year and now we have installed a new 7-layer barrier film plant supplied by Italian firm Bandera, the first 7-layer plant commissioned by Bandera in Asia. “With a total investment of some US$15 million we have created a facility with a capacity to make 300,000 flexitanks a year in a 250,000 sq ft fully air conditioned facility in Mysore, near Bangalore. This is the largest flexitank manufacturing plant in the world under one roof.” Similarly, both the woven and LDPE container liner businesses are also growing sectors and Rishi now has the capacity to make 500,000 container liners a year. Another growing business is container liners with barrier properties (EVOH & Nylon) where the aroma of the filled product needs to be retained during transport. “The advantage of the 7-layer film plant is that it is used to deliver high dart impact and better mechanical properties to the flexitank and container liner which will improve the overall performance of these two products,” says Fransis. “This 7-layer plant will help us in producing barrier flexitanks mainly for the transport of wine, edible oil, fruit juices, etc.” Maintaining the aroma of products like wine and fruit juices during transport is an extremely important factor and a high quality EVOH and nylon film can ensure this. EVOH film prevents oxidation and keeps aroma of the wine intact, and Rishi has developed its own flow control valve in the past two years to ensure the quality of the product. With the development of the B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR Est. 1990 HAVE YOU SEEN OUR WEBSITE? www.bulk-distributor.com Bulk Distributor’s website is regularly updated with the latest news, analysis, product reviews, exclusive interviews and industry events. With growing global traffi c, the website is becoming a hub for the bulk logistics industry. January/February 2020 L-r: Arvind Nopany, Rishi managing director, and Joseph Fransis, executive director & CEO valves, all the materials needed for manufacturing the flexitanks are now produced in-house to ensure quality of product. Since the beginning of operations 12 years back, 95 percent of Rishi’s products have been exported to various countries in the world, mainly the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan. “For the flexitank as well, our main target is exporting to those same markets as we have created a solid reputation over the past 12 years as a quality manufacturer,” Fransis adds. “We have been growing at a CAGR of 41 percent in the past 12 years which is one of the highest growth rates in the manufacturing sector worldwide. We are just as confident of having the same growth in the flexitank business. “We have been importing films in the past three years to make flexitanks. In-house film manufacturing will definitely lead us to a respectable position in the flexitank and container liner market in the world in the years to come.” India is also an important source country for the transport of edible oil to various European markets and Rishi has been supplying to this business over the past three years. In terms of quality control, the new facility can manufacture flexitanks with food grade certifications. All Rishi’s factories are BRC ‘AA’ rated certified units since inception which reflects the company’s obsession with cleanliness, hygiene and quality levels. Rishi has created a world class quality control laboratory, costing €1 million, in the new facility by installing various types of testing machines. These include LS1 Lloyds from USA for checking tensile properties and puncture resistance, BYK Gardner - Haze Guard I from Germany for checking optical properties, a breakdown voltage testing machine from Labordata, Germany, FTIR and UV Vis spectrophotometer from Agilent Technologies, USA for checking composition analysis, light transmission & reflectance studies, QUV weathering testing machine from QUV Lab, Xenon Arc weathering from USA for checking the weatherability of film, and various other testing machines for checking surface resistivity, flow characteristics of polymer, drying/ conditioning, mechanical properties, dissolution of polymer, surface characteristics, MFI, etc. Fransis says the company wants to ensure quality of the product from the manufacturing stage itself rather than understanding it from the market. Rishi’s offering is not restricted to the containment and shipping of the product. The company also provides a number of value-added services that are now seen as crucial in the flexitank business. “We provide the owner of the cargo the financial protection through product insurance against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause,” adds Fransis. “The insurance provides risk coverage for ocean, air and road freight and our skilled technical staff provides detailed insight into the product. “Moreover, to ensure safe fitting of each flexitank we have produced a video of the installation procedures and we share this with all shippers for their better understanding and safe handling .We also consider ourselves as a special cargo loading supporter and all applicable procedures and guidelines are followed as per the COA Flexitank Code of Practice. “Furthermore, we have product liability insurance to cover all issues of flexitanks related to possible leaking, fitting issues, manufacturing defects, etc.” www.rishifibc.com Bulk Distributor’s monthly email newsletter is one of the most widely read in the industry. 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