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Vegas Modern 001 is an innovative three-story , 15,000-square-foot home located in Dragon ’ s Reserve , the exclusive MacDonald Highlands community overlooking the Las Vegas strip .
for the home ’ s palette of grey , walnut and hand-textured stucco . We leaned into the colorful nature of the stone but didn ’ t allow it to overwhelm the design .”
That ’ s not to say the material isn ’ t used throughout and often . In fact , the total metaquartzite used was around 15,000- 16,000 square feet . While metaquartzite may look like sandstone , it is exceptionally dense and hard and that ’ s one of the many reasons Jones and his team used it liberally across very tall walls reaching 30 feet and more . “ That required extreme precision in cutting and fitting an extraordinary number of pieces for this 15,000-square-foot home ,” Jones notes . “ The workmanship is beautiful . Many architects and builders have been through VM001 and have commented on the precision of the stonework .”
Las Vegas Rock quarried all the blocks and cut and finished all the slabs . Cut to size fabrication was completed by the installer based on Las Vegas Rock ’ s frontend work getting the stone specifications and mockups agreed upon in advance .
Adams highly recommends working directly with the quarry , if at all possible . “ If anybody knows their stone , it is the quarry and the further you get away from the quarry the further you get from the insight the quarry has about that particular stone ,” he advises . He reminds clients that many quarriers provide tremendous service and can offer insight about the stone quarried and can help specifiers avoid any potential design conflicts . “ The people who work and quarry any stone are the life blood and without them there is nothing ,” he adds . “ Stay as close as you can to the quarry because the further you get away the muddier it can get .”
“ VM001 weaves the Las Vegas Strip ’ s culture of theatrical idiosyncrasies with the
Mojave Desert ’ s natural aesthetic through warm , stimulating spaces and a stunning visual connection to the city ’ s skyline and Red Rock Mountains ,” Jones says . “ The home is a genuine response to its time and place , including the surrounding natural environment and the manmade social and physical construct of its namesake city .” n
Vegas Modern 001 , Las Vegas , NV Design Firm : Blue Heron Design Build ,
Las Vegas , NV Installation company : Go Pro Interiors ,
Las Vegas , NV Stone Supplier : Walker Zanger , Las Vegas , NV Stone Quarry : Las Vegas Rock , Jean , NV
( Metaquartzite )
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