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Inflation and a tale of two cities
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Inflation and a tale of two cities

Ray Adauto
Executive Vice President El Paso Association of Builders
The tale of the pump is causing issues while apparent inactions by the federal administration go underreported . My latest visit to Costco for fuel saw my jaw drop ( and I ’ m assuming yours as well ) with the price for a gallon of premium gasoline at $ 4.16 a gallon . It is the first time I have ever paid $ 4 a gallon in El Paso , a far cry from the under $ 2 gallon just twenty-six months ago . It is not the only consumable rising but certainly one that sends shockwaves into our pocketbooks and livelihood .
My recent trip to Cincinnati via Southwest took us to Phoenix for an extended layover then to CVG , the Cincy airport . While in PHX we looked for some lunch at the airport . A Mexican food restaurant offered an enchilada
plate for $ 27.99 . Tacos were listed at $ 16.99 , even a taco bowl was over $ 14.00 . I passed on those as I simply could not wrap my brain around a nearly thirty-dollar plate of rolled tortillas with chile sauce . So what ’ s the common ground for gasoline and enchiladas ? Neither one can be justified , plain and simple . It is inflation and it is politics that drives both costs . As you may recall the US was energy independent during the Trump administration , and since the Biden administration arrived a war on drilling and domestic production started . In the new home trade fuel is a major cost , so every time a gallon of fuel goes up the trades and the consumer both lose . I haven ’ t been able to understand the $ 28 enchiladas yet , unless
the sauce is also being imported from somewhere . Enchiladas are not a necessity , but gasoline is . I expect that high interest rates and high gas prices will fall during the first half of 2024 . It is after all an election year . Use your vote . Let me end with a word about Cincinnati . Fabulous . This old German-Irish city welcomed the Association Management Conference with open arms . As a first-time visitor I was surprised at the things to do and see in this city . Three professional teams , a ranked University , cosmopolitan but historic . The beauty of old mixed with a contemporary vibe gives the visitor a reason to go . However , the locals say to visit in late summer or fall , never in winter . I think I ’ ll take that advice .
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