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EPAB President ’ sMessage
2023Issue8 BuildersOutlook 3

EPAB President ’ sMessage

Building Strong Partnerships

Delton Deal
President El Paso Association of Builders
Building strong partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors is essential for the success of any business . These relationships can lead to improved collaboration , efficiency , and overall business growth . Here are some steps and strategies that helped me establish and nurture effective partnerships with your suppliers and subcontractors :
Open and transparent communication is the foundation of any successful partnership . Clearly communicate your expectations , requirements , and long-term goals . Regularly update your partners on changes in your business and keep them informed about relevant developments . Align your goals and values with those of your suppliers and subcontractors . When both parties share a common vision , it becomes
easier to work together toward achieving common objectives . Partnerships thrive when both sides derive benefits . Focus on creating a win-win situation where your suppliers and subcontractors also see value in the relationship . This can involve negotiating fair pricing , favorable contract terms , and incentives for exceptional performance . It doesn ' t do me any good to have a great rate if the supplier or Subcontractor goes out of business next month . Build a reputation for integrity , reliability , and consistency by delivering on your commitments and meeting deadlines . This helps build trust and confidence in your partnerships . Ensuring that each partner understands that the main goal is to build a home for the customer that meets and exceeds the customer ' s expectations .
It ' s important to share relevant information about your business operations , demand forecasts , and plans . This transparency can lead to better planning and more effective decision-making for both parties . Most importantly this type of communication will help to meet the timeline to build and move folks . Provide constructive feedback to your partners and encourage them to do the same for you . This fosters a culture of continuous improvement and helps both sides refine their processes .
Invest in programs that help your suppliers and subcontractors enhance their capabilities . This can include training , resources , and support to improve the quality of their products or services . Make sure to include subjects that will help educate their staff in areas that could save them money . Holding
classes on subjects like SWPPP , OSHA , and other code guidelines can help build additional trust between you and each of your partners .
Conduct regular reviews to evaluate your partners ' performance against agreedupon metrics . This helps identify areas for improvement and reinforces the importance of meeting expectations . When challenges arise , work collaboratively to find solutions . This approach strengthens the partnership and shows that you are committed to overcoming obstacles together . Approach your relationships with a longterm perspective . Building strong partnerships takes time and effort , but the benefits can be significant over the years .