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Ray Adauto
Executive Vice President El Paso Association of Builders

SOUND THE ALARM Builders are getting hit on all fronts

We are under attack . Please hear me , we are under attack . Not only is the construction business under attack so is our tax burden . Let me point out the first one if you already do not know . New residential codes are about to be implemented in which the envelope for new homes will get tighter and more expensive . The city of El Paso must implement new codes for safety reasons primarily , but also for funding . It is a system that those of you in the building end know is making it harder to meet the standards . We held a twoday seminar a month ago to bring the industry and inspectors up to date with the changes coming . Do we like what we see ? Absolutely not . As allowed by those same codes there are some amendments , we can suggest but even those are fewer than ever . Secondly is the attack on our property taxes with the consortium of Texas Tech Medical Center and UMC with Children ’ s Hospital looking to impose a $ 400 million tax bill on us without a vote using Certificates of Obligation ( CO ’ s ). Taxation without representation brought about the American revolution , and its time to revolt against these taxing entities ( and those who endorse it ). If you want to know what the rising prices of homes has done to the state of Texas read the latest Texas Monthly on a reporter ’ s journey to the Central Appraisal District offices in
Austin and McKinney . Tragically not everyone can afford those taxes and gentrified parts of Austin are now causing old neighborhoods to be torn down and sold to the highest bidder . We must be aware of rising tax burdens . Answer our call when we reach out but do your homework now . It ’ s about your money , not about the services these places provide . It is unfair for them to burden us with taxes when they want to compete with private sectors . There is room for both , but now it ’ s time for the consortium to reassess a need versus a want . Stay tuned , it will get really interesting in the next 60 days .
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