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EPAB President ’ sMessage

2021Issue12 BuildersOutlook 3

EPAB President ’ sMessage

The year that was 2021

Challenges , triumphs and service to our community

Sal Masoud
President El Paso Association of Builders
As this year draws to close , I bade farewell to my presidency year of this great organization . I feel sincerely honored to have had this opportunity to give back for all the good this Association has done for me and livelihood . I have met and became friends with a great number of people that shared my believes and aspirations for this industry .
I enjoyed seeing my friends on December 10th to celebrate my friend Gus Loy taking the helm of the presidency in this coming year 2022 . I want to congratulate him and assure him that I will remain active to give him all the support he needs .
I have many people to thank for being there to help me during the year despite all the difficulties we faced trying to conduct meetings in a sever pandemic climate .
First I like to extend my love and gratitude for my six children for their continuas support and understanding of my time being so busy all the time . Second I like to thank our magnificent staff duo , Ray and Margarete Adauto for making my tasks easier and making me look good conducting the duties of the president .
I would also like to thank my executive board ant to all of the members that gave unselfishly their time to participate in the activities of the association virtual and in person .
I have been a member of the builder ’ s association for over 20 years and have always been on the board of directors as active as I can be . I chaired Land Council and Government affairs almost continusally through my membership .
As president I made it my goal to expand our presence within the city , County and other
municipalities and to rekindle old relationships to strengthen the presence of the builder ’ s association in El Paso . We kept up all our meeting with the County , City of El Paso Socorro and the City of Horizon as best as we could sometimes meeting virtual and when permitted in person .
It has been challenging this year trying to do things in the middle of a pandemic . We did our best to get things done .
We were able to help the Martinez family a needy family of young siblings and their mother was diagnosed with terminal illness . Led by the Community outreach committee chaired by Angelique Roman we completed a full kitchen remodel including full appliances .
We also were able to have very successful Parade of homes in the upper valley . All the homes were sold some befor the parade has started . We were also able to
conduct a fun­filled Golf Tournament that generated much needed funds to the association .
Lastly , we traveled to Austin for Rally day . This event is held once every two years and it is very important to keep on top all the local and state politics making sure we support the bills that benefit the industry and oppose these that affect the industry negatively . We had a significant delegation of more than 15 people attend from El Paso .
It truly has been an honor to serve as your president this year . I am truly grateful to bepart of this association in the company of such distinguished and successful professional people .
I have full faith in my friend Gus Loy ’ s ability to lead the association into the next year for better and greater success .
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