BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 71

“Come on, just a little bit closer!” Trave Macom clutched the trigger of the phase cannon as he watched the Drakon starfighter break from space and thunder into the planet’s atmosphere. The faulty navigation system had sent him deep into enemy territory. He had been hoping to escape without alerting the Drakons when two fighters had closed in on him. One he’d managed to out maneuver and bring into firing range, but the other ran hot and heavy on his tail. The Drakon ship banked right, desperate to shake him. “Just a little closer!” Trave piloted the ship with an expert hand, weaving in and out, following the vapor trails left behind by the fleeing Drakon ship. The crosshairs of the cannon narrowed on the ship ahead of him. He squeezed slowly on the trigger, enjoying each and every click as it eased back to fire with a heavy thud, thud, thud. Four neon green streaks sprung forth from the side of his ship. They ripped through the sky, slipped up inside between the fuel cells and exploded from within. A second explosion thundered around him. His ship gave a violent shiver then jerked, slamming him back in his seat. January 2014 | 71