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Click Link Below To Purchase empowerment-approach-with-your-individual-dream- agency-hsm-paper BSHS 425 Week 2 Empowerment Approach with Your INDIVIDUAL Dream Agency HSM Paper Class, Envision the ideal human service agency YOU (not the team) would like to create. This is your Dream Human Service Agency. It is something you have always thought of and now is your opportunity to create it on paper! **Note: It is NOT an existing agency as was discussed in Week 1 for the Team Assignment–Community Agency Interviews. You will use the Empowerment Approach as described in the text, with your Dream Agency idea and write about it. Review the 12 principles presented by Hardina et al. in the section titled “Humans Service Organizations and Empowerment” in Ch. 4 of Management of Human Service Programs. Additional resources may be used. Discuss the principles that characterize an empowerment approach to human service management. Evaluate how you might apply these principles to the developmental processes of your own Dream Human Service Agency.