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Discuss among Learning Team members highlights of different perspectives presented within each team member’s individual papers. Address the key elements that best describe the Learning Team’s collaborative Dream Agency. By now, the team should have agreed on ONE Dream Agency that includes a specific marginalized population, addresses issues of diversity, and includes a succinct mission, purpose, goals, and objectives that are clear and measurable. Create a MS® PowerPoint® presentation of 10 to 15 slides to illustrate the application of the conceptual framework for human service management from Figure 1.1, Ch. 1, pg. 9 in the text. Incorporate the team’s Dream Human Service Agency and include the following elements: § Six elements of human service management, including an explanation of how leadership influences each element to contribute to your agency’s success. § A fictionalized community meeting that announces the GRAND OPENING of the Team’s Dream Agency: Ensure that, agency leaders, staff, potential clients, beneficiaries, other pertinent stakeholders are included in the empowerment approach that uses a systems perspective of management. (Refer to the 12 principles in Ch. 4, pg. 95.) § Clearly describe the Learning Team’s Dream Agency. Ensure that the mission, purpose, goals, and objectives use the SMART strategies in Ch. 3 of the text. § A minimum of the following people and their roles should be described and included in your presentation. § Program administrator(s) § A staff member § A prospective client