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Click Link Below To Purchase supervisory-roles-&-theories-of-motivation-paper BSHS 425 Week 4 Supervisory Roles & Theories of Motivation Paper Class, Every agency has supervisors and you will need to understand the roles, the strategies, and the approaches used to operate within a human service agency. Consider how this information may be applied to either your own original idea for your Dream Agency or the Learning Team’s choice for the Dream Agency. Review objectives from Week Four and “The Supervisory Process” in Ch.7 of Management of Human Service Programs. Write a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper that presents how key elements of the supervisory process are influenced by theories of motivation. § Clarify the prominent roles of a supervisor and discuss how a supervisor uses the empowerment approach to achieve organizational effectiveness. § Provide a brief overview of the theories of motivation presented in the textbook that will work best within the development of your own Dream Agency or your Team’s chosen Dream Agency. § Discuss why these strategies were selected. Specifically, what are the anticipated benefits? What are the anticipated challenges? § Identify how the principles of motivation will be applied within an empowerment environment.