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As a team you will discuss, share ideas and exchange your individual assignments from Week 2. After review, you will discuss and agree on ONE Dream Agency out of your group and then develop a proposal. A proposal or your plan, will include the type of agency it is, the need, the population served, how many staff and the type, etc. NOTE: Pretend that you are trying to approach a funder who has money to give you for your Dream Agency, but they first want to know what it is all about. This is where the plan or the proposal comes in. Many other people in the community will also be trying to get this money for their Dream Agency. Therefore, your agency must shine on paper! It must include all of the components listed below in Part II. Discuss the following with the team: § What population would you like to serve? § What needs in your diverse communities are currently unmet? How are cross- cultural needs and issues of diversity included? § What does this Learning Team feel passionate about in terms of meeting a community need? § What values do Learning Team Members share in common? § What vision would Team Members like to see for their dream agency? § What might be the overall mission? § How will the general goals of operation entail? § Address agency objectives using the SMART acronym found the “Specification of Objectives” section of Management of Human Service Programs. § Include discussion on budget development and importance of resource acquisitions such as grants, contracts, and contributions.