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38 , !$"!%* Boy Scout Resident Camps serve scouts ages 11-18 (Boy Scouts) who attend resident camp with their local Scout Troop along with Adult Volunteer Leaders. Resident camp operates Sunday through Saturday. Full time camp staff, hired to work all season, provides leadership and program support for Scout Troops through camp activities and Merit Badge skills, with a focus on Nature Studies, Handicrafts, Aquatics, Horsemanship, Oceanography, Scoutcraft (knots, lashings, cooking etc.) Shooting Sports (Black Powder and Shot Gun Shooting), Field Sports, (Archery, and Rifle Shooting) and High Adventure tm (Rock Climbing, Outpost Trails, Hiking, White Water Rafting, Wind Surfing, BSA Lifeguard, Mile Swim, and Snorkeling). All camps have complete food service and maintenance operations. Staff are hired in support roles, such as maintenance, dishwashers and trading post (camp store) operators. Staff live on-site all summer long at these camps. Boy Scout resident camps that the council operates include: · Camp Baldwin (Mt. Hood) · Camp Cooper (Coast Range) - No Summer Program offered at this time. · Camp Meriwether (Oregon Coast) · Camp Pioneer (Mt. Jefferson Wilderness) "#%&* Parents of new Scouts usually ask, “What do we need to get started, and how much does it cost?” This overview is intended to give you the specific information you need to get started. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask any of the adult leaders. Helping you, become established and comfortable in our Troop 22 family is their job. %"$ Our equipment, awards, and other annual expenses are paid for through our annual Troop registration fee ($20), BSA membership dues ($15), along with a year’s subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine ($12), and the proceeds of our annual fund raising project, Christmas tree recycling (“tree-chip”), in early January of every year. All Scouts and parents are expected to support this effort by participating in the tree-chip. "%"$&'%"$$(%""!%!%) As a minimum, you need to obtain a current Boy Scout Handbook ($10), a book cover is suggested ($10), and a uniform. The Troop 22 uniform is described on page 10, and costs about $50. Scout Uniform, Patches and Supplies are available at the Northwest Scout Shop located at 2145 S.W. Naito Parkway, Portland, Oregon, 97201, (503) 243-5022, or at Used uniforms are usually available through the Cascade Pacific Council, Scout Volunteer Services. Ask one of our Registered Adult Leaders for assistance. For more information on Uniform see page 11. "%"%)!%" Financial assistance is available. See pages 18 and 30 for further details.