BSA Portland Oregon - Troop 22 Guidebook BSA Portland Oregon - Troop 22 Guidebook - Page 6

6 "%)+! As Scouts plan their activities and advance toward their goals, they experience personal growth. Scout-age boys experience dramatic physical and emotional changes. Scouting offers them opportunities to channel much of that change into productive endeavors and to find the answers they are seeking for many of their questions. Service Projects and Good Turns offer Scouts a structure to develop a place within their community to contribute individually, and make a difference. The Boy Scout Troop provides each Scout with opportunities, to try out new ideas, and sometimes experience new adventures with no other goal than having a good time with their friends. The religious emblems program can also play a large part of the personal growth of each Scout, within their Church and Family.  %$* ()*"! Scouting encourages boys to learn and practice leadership skills. Leadership is a skill that can be learned by doing. Every boy in the Patrol and Troop will find that his leadership role continues to increase, along with his responsibility as he advances in Rank, and Position within his Patrol, and Troop. Through Leadership Experience the boys learn planning, organization, and decision making skills that they can use throughout their life.. " Since 1910, the Boy Scout uniform has been a recognizable part of the cultural fabric within the United States of America. The uniform makes the Scout troop visible as a force for good and creates a positive image within the community. Wearing the uniform is an action that shows each Scout's commitment to the aims and means of Scouting. The uniform helps the boys establish a sense of belonging within their Patrol and Troop. It reinforces the fact that all members of the Boy Scouts of America are equal to one another. People seeing a boy wearing the Scout uniform expect someone of good character who is prepared to the best of his ability and helps those around him. Likewise, Registered Adult Leaders who wear the full Scout uniform establish a standard for the membership within the Troop and are also seen as community leaders fulfilling a very important role. %*!% "!(+ Interviews to be considered for a position as a Staff Member at a Cascade Pacific Council Summer Camp are usually conducted on the First or Second Weekend in February. Please mail in an application to be considered. We will match your skills and camp preference with a camp that has similar needs and that camp may arrange an interview.  %*" #1 "! Due to federal and state employment laws and BSA National Camp Standards, there is a minimum age for applicants: Age 14 , by June 15, can only work at Council Day Camps (Discovery, Ireland, Lewis, Willamette), and only as a volunteer (unpaid) Ranger-In-Training, RIT. Age 15 , by June 15, can work as full-time, paid staff at Council Day Camps (Discovery, Ireland, Lewis, and Willamette) -OR- Age 15 can serve at overnight camps (Baldwin, Meriwether, Pioneer, Cub World, Gilbert Ranch, Adventure Cove) only in a volunteer (unpaid) Ranger-In-Training, RIT, position. This is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door for a full-time position next summer. Age 16 , by June 15, can serve in any camp as a full time, paid staff in one of many positions such as Program Ranger, Kitchen Ranger Maintenance Ranger, and others. Age 18 , by June 15, can serve in any camp as a full time, paid staff in one of many positions, including management positions with a minimum age of 18 such as Cub Scout Field Sports Director, Archery Director, Health Officer, Program Commissioner, Scoutcraft/Campcraft Director, Woodcraft/Nature/Ecology/Conservation Director, Trading Post Operator, and others. Age 21 , by June 15, can serve in any camp as a full time, paid staff in one of many positions, including management positions with a minimum age of 21 such as Business Manager, Program Director, Camp Cook, Aquatics Director, Head Wrangler, Chaplain, Director of Field Sports, Climbing Director, and others. Age 25 , by June 15, can serve in any camp as a full time, paid staff in one of many positions, including Camp Director. Camp Directors are selected in October for the following year and are usually filled by current employees of the Cascade Pacific Council. &*1 "! All Training Center, Jamboree, High Adventure tm Base, Summer Camp Staff, attendees, volunteers or paid staff, must be a current member of Boy Scouts of America. Applicants over age 21 must apply as an adult and successfully pass a criminal background check. All applicants must have a current Youth Protection Training Certificate, which must be presented with their application to be considered.