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4 ))+ ,5 elcome to our Scouting family, Boy Scout Troop 22 of the Cascade Pacific Council. We are proud to be sponsored by the Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst, in beautiful Portland, Oregon. The Troop Committee has developed this introduction to our Boy Scout Troop to ensure that all Scouts and their families have a basic understanding of how our Troop 22 works. Today our youth must make mature decisions about many things that their limited experience with life has not prepared them for. Many of these decisions will have long-term consequences. The ready availability of drugs and alcohol and the rising number of youth gangs are situations our youth face daily. The number of single-parent households, the effects of the seemingly never-ending change caused by the impact of new technologies, and the increased amount of time parents must spend away from their children to ensure economic survival of the family are all factors that make the Scouting program so vital to our nation's future. Scouting has successfully assisted more than 100 million members since 1910 to develop the character and peer group associations to make ethical, and moral, decisions to become role models in their communities. Many of the policies discussed in this handbook are taken directly from the policies of the National Boy Scouts of America, and The Boy Scout Handbook. Other policies and procedures have evolved and h ave been adopted over the years by the Scouts, Families, Adult Volunteers and Registered Adult Leaders of Troop 22. We are pleased to have you, and that you have chosen to be a part of our Troop 22 Family, and we are happy you’re here. If there are any questions or suggestions regarding the policies and procedures, you are invited to advise any member of the Troop Committee. For over 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America has worked to prepare young people to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. We hope that you and your boy will find Troop 22 to be a positive, exciting, rewarding, and memorable experience.  !"# %%! ()*"! Character encompasses a boy's personal qualities, moral values, and outlook on life. !/"*%""# The Scouting program allows boys to practice Good Citizenship by living and working among others in his Troop, Family, Community, Nation, and his to understand responsibility as a Citizen to learn how other Governments and Countries interact with the United States in World Affairs and the importance of keeping current in the news of the day. "!%)%"$,%)!" People get the most out of life when they are physically strong, mentally alert and practice self discipline in their daily lives. W  !%"$&'%*"#')! %'"# · Back Pack w/ padded hip belt; Choose either an External frame or Internal frame, · Pack cover (waterproof nylon) · Six to 12 1-gallon Zip Lock plastic bags to pack clothes )*"#  Sleeping bag in stuff sack lined with plastic bag  Sleeping clothes to be worn only in sleeping bag (T-shirt and gym shorts)  Straps to hold sleeping bag on pack  Foam sleeping pad (closed-cell or Therm-a-Rest) )!"# Layer A (Hiking Clothes)  Hiking boots (well broken in)  Lightweight sneakers or tennis shoes  Three pair of heavy socks  Three pair of lighter inner socks (polypro)  Three changes of underwear  Two pair of hiking shorts  Two short-sleeve shirts (not nylon)  One hat or cap (flexible, with brim) Layer B (Cold, Wet, Windy)  One sturdy rain suit (A) Layer C (Cool Evenings)  One long-sleeve shirt (wool or flannel)  One pair of long pants (cotton or nylon; not heavy jeans)  One pair of insulated underwear (polypro) Layer D (Cold)  One sweater or jacket (wool or polar fleece)  One stocking cap (wool or polypro)  One pair of glove liners or mittens (wool or polypro) %!"#  Deep bowl (small, plastic)  Cup (measuring style)  Spoon  1-quart water bottle(s) (BB, A) "%)%"$))%"   Small pocketknife (A)  Matches in waterproof container (BB, A)  Flashlight (with extra batteries and bulb)  Two bandanas or handkerchiefs (BB)  Lip balm (at least SPF 25) (BB, A)  Soap (biodegradable) (BB, S)  Toothbrush and toothpaste (BB)  Small towel and washcloth  Sunglasses (inexpensive)  Ditty bag (for personal items in bear bag) *!"%)  Camera and film (BB)  Whistle  Watch (inexpensive)  Fishing equipment and licenses  Postcards (stamped)  Rubber bands (large, for packing)  Foot powder (BB, S)  Notepad and pen  Daypack for side hikes (S) Note: No radios, CD/MP3 players, electronic readers, video game devices, or hammocks. Cellular telephones are discouraged. Do not bring deodorant or perfumes. Key: (BB) Packed together in a plastic bag to be placed in bear bag at night. (S) Share with buddy. (A) Easily accessible in pack or carried on person.