BSA Portland Oregon - Troop 22 Guidebook BSA Portland Oregon - Troop 22 Guidebook - Page 22

22 %$(+ The last requirement in a Rank Advancement is a Board of Review. The Board of Review will take place after the Scoutmasterís Conference. This is an opportunity for the boy to meet with members of the Troop Committee (and, for Rank Advancement through First Class, a member of the Patrol Leaderís Council). 1. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster(s) do not sit on the board of review for any badges of rank. However, the Scoutmaster will introduce the candidate and discuss the qualifications of a candidate with the participating members of the Board of Review. 2. The Board of Review is conducted by the Troop Committee for all Rank Advancement through Life Scout. The Cascade Pacific Council or Lewis & Clark District Volunteer Representative conducts the Board of Review for the Rank of Eagle Scout. 3. The Board of Review for Tenderfoot Scout through Star Scout may be held either during Troop Meetings, or at another mutually agreeable time arranged by the candidate with the Scoutmaster and Board of Review participants. 4. The Life Scout Board of Review may be held outside the regular Troop meeting time. The Boy Scout candidate for Life Scout will arrange the time, place and membership of the board of review. 5. Boards of review will include at least three members as follows: (a) Tenderfoot Scout through First Class Scout - three Adult Volunteers, including at least one Registered Adult Leader and one member of the Patrol Leaders Council. (b) Star Scout and Life Scout - three Adult Volunteers, including at least one Registered Adult Leader. 6. The purpose of these reviews is to make sure that all requirements have been met. This includes a check of Scout Skills, Knowledge, Attitude and practicing the aims and means of Scouting. He will be asked to recite the Scout Oath and Law from memory, sometime during each, and every Board of Review for each rank as he follows the ďTrail to EagleĒ. To appear before a board of review, a Scout shall be in uniform and bring his Boy Scout Handbook with him. 7. The Individual Scout is responsible for scheduling his board of review. ! %$# 1. Merit badges are generally earned in one of the following three manners: (a) Merit badge sessions offered at a Council Boy Scout Summer Campís, Rover Camp, and High Adventure Camp, such as Philmont Scout Ranch, located in Cimarron, New Mexico; Northern Tier, National High Adventure Base in Ely, Minnesota; The Florida National High Adventure Sea Base, in the Florida Keys; and The Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, home of the 2013 Boy Scout Jamboree, located in The New River Gorge Region