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30 %"*!%!" Each Scouting family is responsible for their boys’ transportation to and from campouts, activities and events. “Two Deep Leadership” is an important consideration, and “Youth Protection” guidelines must be followed. Car pooling is encouraged, but it is the responsibility of the Scout Family to arrange transportation. The Family’s who do provide transportation need to keep their commitment, because the Registered Adult Leaders, and Adult Volunteers are also responsible for transporting the troop equipment, and gear – they are not reimbursed for the costs associated with this either, so please be sensitive to fact that they are committed to doing this for the benefit of the Scouts in our troop, and the success and the safety of our campout, event, or activity. 4+%"$%")%!" 1. Scouts who sign up for a campout or outing, and cancel before supplies are purchased will not be charged for supplies. 2. Scouts who cancel after supplies are purchased, or Scouts who signed up, but do not show up, are responsible for their fair share of the expenses for the campout or outing. 3. Families that have committed to provide transportation for an outing must find replacement transportation if they cannot provide transportation for the outing. Families MUST inform the troop leadership of any changes. "%"%)!%" All Scouts are encouraged to earn the money required to pay for activity and camping opportunities. Families in need of additional financial assistance should contact either the Scoutmaster or Committee Chairman about subsidies for camping. It is the policy of Troop 22 that no Scout should be denied camping experiences because of financial restrictions.  %* **! "!, "$ The Cascade Pacific Council recognizes that some members are not able to afford camp, and operates a special fund to help send Scouts to camp, we call them Camperships. Boys join Scouting to give them the opportunity to go camping, we also realize that a boy who doesn’t attend summer camp isn’t likely to continue in the Scouting program. Leaders may obtain Opportunity Fund Applications from any council service center or online at;; these are submitted no later than three weeks prior to your arrival at camp. Funds are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Applications may be submitted in lieu of the March 15 payment for individual Scouts. !(! The Boys’ sometime will choose an activity during the month also, like: · A day hike. · A bike ride. · Go fishing. · A Merit Badge Conference to learn new skills. · Visit a Museum, a Monument, or a Local Fair. These are just a few activities they may choose, to fulfill a merit badge requirement or just to have fun with the guys in his Patrol. 4. Other Meetings: (a) Patrol Meetings - Each Patrol has the option of conducting meetings exclusive of the regular Troop Meeting and may be scheduled at their discretion and are encouraged to do so. During these meetings the Scouts may choose to work on Scoutcraft, Campcraft, Woodcraft, Individual Advancement, Planning and basic Scout skills, just take a hike, or just have fun together. (b) Patrol Leader’s Council - A monthly meeting to be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time between the “ PLC ” or “ Green Bar ” and the Scoutmaster. (c) Troop Committee Meetings - At an announced location the third Wednesday of each month (these meetings are open to all Adult Volunteers and Registered Adult Leaders); (d) Round Table - A Lewis & Clark District Leader’s meeting is held on the second Thursday of each month @ 7pm. (e) Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting - For OA members, the second Thursday of each month (at the same time and location as Round Table). #%"/%!"%"$$"!%!" The Troop 22 Scout Program is organized by the boys and supported by the Registered Adult Leadership, the Adult Volunteers including the basic program framework required by the Charter granted between The Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst, and The Boy Scouts of America. 1. The Chartered Organization - The Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst is granted a Charter by the Cascade Pacific Council, Boy Scouts of America to sponsor Troop 22. The Troop’s Trained “Charter Representative” facilitates the relationship and communication between the Church and the Troop. The Church does not attempt to impose its religious beliefs on the Troop. It does, however, affirm the high moral and ethical standards taught by the Scouting program, including the twelfth point of the Scout Law: A Scout is “Reverent” toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others. 2. The Troop Committee provides policy and administrative support for the Troop, under the direction of The Committee Chairman . It is composed of Trained Registered Adult Leaders. The Troop Committee selects the Scoutmaster, controls the financial operation of the Troop; supports the advancement program, membership, outdoor program, training and other organizational, policy and administrative functions.