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14  , !* -%!)!$. Troop 22 functions under the principals of “The Patrol Method”. The Boys run the Troop Program, plan activities, and weekly meetings, Advised by a Trained Scoutmaster. “The Patrol” consists of the following: “The Boy” – The Boy is an individual he is responsible for his advancement, learning new skills, self discipline, and his appropriate behavior. “The Boy” – and his “Buddy” – work together, and rely upon each other while practicing Scout Skills, participating in Scout Activities, and having fun! “The Patrol” – “The Boy” – and his “Buddies” - are members of a Patrol, lead by an experienced Scout. Together they will participate in activities as a group, plan campouts, and advance as a group and practice the skills they have learned, together. “The Troop” – “The Patrol(s)” – “The Boy” – and his “Buddies” – make up the Boy Scout Troop, lead by a Senior Patrol Leader, elected by the Boy’s to lead, plan and participate in Troop Activities as a group. *$ ) 1. Troop Meeting - Our Troop Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., Monday nights at The Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst, 935 N.E. 33rd, Portland, OR 97232 – Doors will open at 6:45 pm., please plan to pick up your boy between 8:15, and 8:30pm, after the Troop Meeting is over, A detailed calendar of Troop Meetings, Troop Events, and Troop Activities is published at least two times each year, it is available on the Troop 22 Web Site; Troop meetings, which all boys in the Troop attend, are scheduled for every Monday night except as follows: (a) Boy Scout Troop 22 meets regularly throughout the school year, and generally follows the Portland Public School Calendar. (b) There are generally no Troop meetings scheduled on the Monday night following a campout, unless otherwise announced. (c) There are no Troop meetings on certain holidays as published in the Troop calendar. (d) There are no regular Troop meetings after school is out for the summer and between summer camp and the start of school (generally the month of August). 2. Planning Meeting - The Troop conducts an annual planning meeting in late summer (late August or early September) attended by Registered Adult Leaders and is open to all members of Boy Scout Troop 22. A second planning conference may be held mid-winter. 3. Camping - The Troop schedules one campout every month as published in the Troop calendar. The Troop attends a one week-long summer camp at a time and location chosen each year (usually scheduled in late July or August) by the Troop Members. Other meetings included on the Troop calendar are as follows. The Venture Patrol - a group of older boys 13 or older, and First Class and above - has the option of planning additional High Adventure tm Activities, on their own, as a Patrol which may include scheduled camping trips exclusive of regularly scheduled Troop campouts.  %* Summer Camp is the highlight of our year in Boy Scouts. This is the place where we get to practice the Aims and Methods of Scouting that we have been preparing for all year. *%%!" We actually begin the planning process our at the annual planning meeting in late summer (late August or early September) attended by Registered Adult Leaders and members of the our Boy Scout Troop. We already have made Reservations for attending Camp Pioneer in 2012, and Camp Baldwin in 2013. We need to purchase food, and fuel, plus decide who will be attending summer camp, and planning begins well before summer. We rely heavily upon our Troop Committee, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, and the Registered Adult Leaders of the Troop to prepare our Boy Scout Troops’ appearance at Summer Camp.  ;   Annual BSA Health and Medical Record - Must be completed, and signed by a licensed Physician Annually for the boy to be able to attend Summer Camp, High Adventure tm and participate in Troop Outings, and Activities. Troop Covenant and Permission Slip - All Troop Activities require we have a copy of the Troop Covenant – a signed agreement between the Registered Adult Leadership that the boy will adhere to the Boy Scout Oath, Law & Outdoor Code while attending all Troop 22 camping activities, meeting, and functions. The Permission Slip is a signed, written document between the Troop 22 Committee, Register Adult Leadership, and you the parent or guardian directing us what to do in case of emergency that involves your boy. %"*!%!" Each Scouting family is responsible for their Boys’ transportation to and from campouts, activities and events. “Two Deep Leadership” is a consideration, and “Youth Protection” guidelines must be followed. Car pooling is encouraged, but it is the responsibility of the Scout Family to arrange transportation to and from summer camp. *!%"%!!"$"# %* The importance of attendance cannot be underestimated, for our Boy Scouts, and our Registered Adult Leaders. Our Troop attends Summer Camp to strengthen our Boy Scout Program. Our boys have the opportunity to practice the “Patrol Method”, and run their Boy Scout Troop, compete against other Troops & Patrols from other places, earn Merit Badges, Advance in Rank and make NEW Friends in Scouting. *; %!%!! Troop 22 establishes Quartermaster Store at Summer Camp, providing sundries such as soap, toothbrushes & toothpaste, and tissue. The store offers compasses, pens, pencils, paper, pocketknives, some soda, and candy. We offer the store to serve our scouts, and profit is not a motive. Items can be purchased for cash, or ” Bead Bucks” that can be earned by boys around camp for doing good turns, and for just displaying good leadership, or setting an example. It also offers the flexibility for the Adult Leadership to supply items needed to the Scouts so they are able to complete Merit Badges, “forgot” their soap, or toothbrush, if necessary.