BSA Portland Oregon - Troop 22 Guidebook BSA Portland Oregon - Troop 22 Guidebook - Page 13

32 )!#!$$ )!%$"%* Scoutmaster – The role of the Scoutmaster is to work with the Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leaders and their assistants to ensure they know understand, and practice the Aims and Methods of Scouting. His presence ensures that we live by the principals of the Scout Oath and Promise, Law, Outdoor Code, Motto, and Slogan. He also attends the Daily Scoutmaster Meeting working with the Camp Director, and Camp Program Director to ensure we are getting the program access we need to grow our Troop Program. Assistant Scoutmaster - The Assistant Scoutmaster acts as the Troop Program Director, and works to ensure that the Camp Program serves the needs of our Patrol Leadership, and our individual Scouts. He works with the Camp Commissioner, our Patrol Leadership, and oversees the Troops’ Program implementation of Trail to First Class, Advancement in Camp, Merit Badge Participation, Order of the Arrow Candidates, Patrol Outpost Camping, High Adventure tm, Camp Honor Patrol, and Honor Camper Awards. He also visits each Camp Program Area twice daily, each program event, and activity. He also attends the Daily Scoutmaster Meeting in the Absence of the Scoutmaster. Troop Business Manager - Our Troop needs a Registered Adult Leader to administer our Camp Registration, Troop Quartermaster Store, Camper Accounts, and the Cost of Merit Badges for the Scouts’, along with the maintaining the official Troop Camp Roster. Troop Merit Badge & Activity Program Coordinator – Each Boy will Earn Merit Badges, and attends skill building activities during the day. The Merit Badge Coordinator Checks on each boy’s individual progress twice daily – there are usually progress worksheets posted in the main camp area – to ensure they are participating, they are not overwhelmed, and they are enjoying themselves. If there is a scheduling issue, or the Scout is not enjoying himself the Merit Badge Coordinator works with the boy to find another Merit Badge, or activity to fit his individual needs. Troop Health Coordinator – Some of our Scouts bring Medication, and have Health Concerns that need daily attention from the Camp Health Officer. Medications are usually dispensed after meals, and they are responsible for escorting the boy to receive their medication at the appointed time from the Camp Health Officer. It is important to note that the boy, and his family, is ultimately responsible for ensuring that her receive his medication as prescribed. Trail to First Class Program Coordinator – The “TFC” Program Coordinator, Assistant Scoutmaster, Registered Adult Leaders and the “PLC” work with our first & second year Scouts to help them navigate their way on the “The Trail to First Class” . New scouts are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the program to learn the skills of Scoutcraft, Woodcraft and Campcraft along “The Trail to First Class” . Scout Parent – Your boy may have special needs, or you have been requested by the Troop Committee, and/or the Scoutmaster to attend with your boy – welcome. You may be asked to assist with one of the jobs listed above or just spend the time with your boy, helping him participate successfully in the Camp, and Troop Program. Your boy will be expected to participate as best he can, on time, and be prepared. :!"#%"$!!"$"#%*+!,  , ! We usually limit our weeklong Adult Leader attendance, to 5 or 6, to let the boys run the Troop without the oversight of Mom & Dad, and to give them the independence they need to grow. You are always welcome for Sunday Night Campfire, and to stay overnight, on Friday for Awards, and a special Friday Night Dinner, and Campfire, at the end of our week at camp. This also helps us to get an early start, and get on our way, at the close of our camp session the next morning. *!"#%!&,!%" % ) ! 1. We ask that all Scouts please refrain from engaging in horseplay or running throughout the hallways or anywhere else in the Church except the gymnasium. 2. We ask that all Scouts please stay inside the Church during the meeting unless an activity is organized outside. 3. We ask that all Scouts please stay out of the Church’s sanctuary unless otherwise permitted. 4. We ask that all Scouts please stay out of the Church Office Area as it is off limits to all but Authorized Church Personnel . 5. We ask that all Scouts please not leave Scout Functions or Troop Meetings without permission from a Registered Adult Leader or the Scoutmaster until dismissed. 6. We ask that all Scouts please treat the Church building with respect and care and shall leave rooms cleaner than they were found.  ! "$%, Scout Sunday is held on the first Sunday in February, so in honor of that day wear your Class “A” Official Boy Scout Uniform and attend Church, after all a “Scout is Reverent”!