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34 (c) The Exploring Program provides an experience designed to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. Explorers are ready to investigate the meaning of interdependence in their personal relationships and communities. Exploring is based on forging relationships between youth and organizations within their communities. Local community based organizations initiate an Explorer post by matching their people and program resources to the interests of young people in the community. The result is a program of activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop. Explorer posts specialize in a variety of skills. Exploring programs are based on five areas of emphasis: career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character education, and leadership experience. $ )! **! "! The District Committee provides leadership, policy and administrative support for the district, under the direction of the District Committee Chairman . It is composed of Trained Registered Adult Leaders. The District Committee administers the financial operation of the district; supports the advancement, membership, outdoor, training, safety and other organizational, policy and administrative functions within the district. They are always looking for individuals, of good character, and good standing within the community, who excel at administrating Sales, Marketing, Personnel, Instruction, and Finance within an organizational structure. If you are interested please register as an Adult Leader, attend a Round Table, Training, and meet with our District Executive from the Cascade Pacific Council or go to: Registered Adults Leaders are welcome to apply and/or participate in Council, as well as National Camp, and Training opportunities, as staff, unpaid volunteers, or participants. %!"%)9%& The National Boy Scout Jamboree offers the finest outdoor and leadership experience a boy could have, is held every 4 years! To attend Boy Scouts must be at least First Class. They must have completed the sixth grade or be at least 12 years of age. All Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts must participate in a pre-jamboree training experience, have been active in a Boy Scout or Venture Troop for at least six months, and be approved by their Scout leader and local council. Approved contingent members must complete an Annual Health and Medical Record ( form 34605 ) that will be personalized and e-mailed directly to them. **%%" The Official Boy Scout Uniform is always appropriate at all Scout functions unless otherwise announced. Uniforms are to be clean and worn properly with respect and in good repair at all times. Uniforms must follow the official placement of insignia in accordance with the Boy Scouts of America guidelines. The following insignia are required for the Boy Scout uniform: 1. Left shoulder Cascade Pacific Council “Crest” and the number “22” 2. Right shoulder Patrol Insignia. 3. Right temporary pocket “Lewis & Clark District” patch. Other insignia and awards will be supplied by the Troop. The Boy Scout Handbook shows the correct placement of insignia on the inside front and back covers. " Troop 22 uses Boy Scout Class A and Class B uniforms. 1. The Class A Uniform is appropriate at any Scout/Troop activity - Official Boy Scout Uniform is as follows: • Shirt - Boy Scout Cotton Khaki Shirt with red/green shoulder loops for Scouts and crimson shoulder loops for Venture Patrol or Crew members. • Pants - Boy Scout Trousers or Shorts (Red-top Scout Socks to be worn with Scout Shorts) with Scout web belt and buckle; • Shoes – any closed toe shoe, oxfords, or hiking boot appropriate for the activity. • Hats - any “ Approved ” Troop Cap, Boy Scout Camp Cap, or “ Official” Boy Scout Cap. (campaign hats are worn only by Registered Adults Leaders). • Neckerchief - a neckerchief adopted by the Troop is to be worn with the uniform shirt collar tucked in. (Note: Eagle Scouts may wear the Eagle neckerchief at any Court of Honor and other formal Scouting Functions). 2. The Class B Uniform is worn during camp outings or other activities, the Class “B” Uniform is as follows: • Shirt — Troop 22 T-Shirt, Camp T-Shirt or Sweatshirt. • Pants — Boy Scout Shorts, Boy Scout Trousers or Shorts, solid color pants, shorts, jeans and belt.. • Shoes — any closed toe shoe, oxfords, or hiking boot appropriate for the activity (see back cover, Equipment List). • Hat — any “ Approved ” Troop Cap, Boy Scout Camp Cap, or “ Official” Boy Scout Cap. "%!+'),*!"# All Scouts are required, at a minimum, to have the Official Boy Scout Uniform Shirt with proper insignia attached and Official Boy Scout Web Belt . After attaining the Rank of First Class it is expected that the Scout wear Uniform Trousers or Shorts and Socks, when appropriate to all Scout functions, as well as a Merit Badge Sash, as he is now on the Trail to becoming an Eagle Scout. We ask as a courtesy that boys please refrain from wearing Athletic Shorts and or Sweatpants to the meetings, please.