Brochures Camp 2016 - Page 58

registration ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Friendship Requests Friendship requests may only be submitted for Junior Crew, Senior Crew, Jr. Varsity Sports Camp, Varsity Sports, Coast Guardians, Sand Trackers, Junior and Senior Spotlighters and Girls Play Strong Camp. Due to the unique structure of activities at all other camps, friendship requests are not available. To make a friendship request, please complete the form in the middle of the brochure (insert) and include it with your registration forms. Friendship requests must be submitted by May 13 at 5pm. Requests to be separated from other campers will not be honored. Friendship Request Requirements While we make every effort to honor friendship requests, we are unable to guarantee placement. Only one friend may be placed with your child and both must be entering the same grade in the fall and be of the same gender. Friendship requests must be mutual. Please note, we are unable to honor any friendship requests that list more than one friend. Deadline: The friendship request form in this brochure must be completely and correctly filled out and submitted no later than May 13 at 5pm. Transfer Policy All Heller Nature Center camp transfers must be made by April 1 by 5pm. For all other camps, transfers must be made by April 22 by 5pm. If additional fees are required, payment is due at the time of transfer. Registration and the applicable payment are not transferable between individuals. No refunds are granted after this date. There are no exceptions to this policy. Residency Policy Recreation program residency rates apply to everyone who lives within Park District of Highland Park boundaries and pays Park District of Highland Park taxes, including: residents of Fort Sheridan (60037); portions of the Town of Fort Sheridan t