Brochures Camp 2016 - Page 56

registration 2-PART PAYMENT PLAN Read Carefully Families that choose not to make full payment at the time of registration may sign up to pay camp fees in two equal payments. Guidelines: 1. Camps must be paid in full by April 15. Failure to complete second half payment by this date will result in withdrawal of camp registration and a refund, minus $200 service fee, will be issued. 2. 2-part payments can only occur with the appropriate completed payment form at the time of registration or online with the ‘payment plan’ option/button. 3. No 2-part payment schedules can be honored for any registrations received after 5pm on March 18. 4. Camp payments paid in full at the time of registration cannot be changed to a 2-part payment plan. Due to the large number of families using 2-part payments and the financial tracing involved, exceptions cannot be made to these rules and guidelines. Instructions First payment is due at the time of registration and must equal half of total program fees. This half payment is cashed/charged immediately to the applicant. Our system DOES NOT retain your payment information to automatically charge the second half payment. The balance due for your second half payment will post to your household account on April 8. This balance must be paid before April 15 at 5pm. You will receive an invoice in the mail for your final payment approximately two weeks before the final payment due date. This may be paid either online or in-person. Registration will be withdrawn on Monday, April 18 if final payment has not been made in-full. A refund will be issued, less a $200 service fee per registration in accordance with Park District policy. You will then have the option to re-register, payment in-full, for our camps at your convenience if openings remain. 56 Park District of Highland Park •