Brochures Camp 2016 - Page 45

Registration If you would like to sign up for bus transportation, choose the bus transportation option provided under each session (bus transportation is for residents only). Proof of residency may be required. Jun 20-Aug 5 7-weeks (No camp Jul 4) 9am-2:45pm Early Bird Discount* 38188 M-F $3321/3524 (with bus; res only) $3221/3424 (with bus; res only)* 38189 M-F $2803/3006/3146 (no bus) $2703/2906/3046 (no bus)* Jun 20-Jul 15 4-weeks (No camp Jul 4) 38184 M-F $2020/2140 (with bus; res only) $1970/2090 (with bus; res only)* 38185 M-F $1688/1808/1872 (no bus) $1638/1758/1822 (no bus)* Jul 18-Aug 5 3 weeks 38186 M-F $1530/1620 (with bus; res only) $1480/1570 (with bus; res only)* 38187 M-F $1281/1371/1419 (no bus) $1231/1321/1369 (no bus)* 9am-2:45pm 9am-2:45pm Early Bird Discount* Early Bird Discount* No camp Jul 4. Pricing is Member/Resident/Non-resident. *In order to receive discount, registration must be completed before noon on Feb 29. Dates to Remember Pizza and Parent’s Day: Jul 14, Noon-1pm at Fink Park Aug 4, Noon-1pm at Fink Park Camp 2016 • Park District of Highland Park 45