Brochures Camp 2016 - Page 16

counselors-in-training CIT: LEADERSHIP Grades CAMP 7-10 Train to become an effective Camp Counselor and leader through hands -on experience, service projects, and teamwork with your peers. Participants entering grades 7-10 in the Fall of 2016 will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a great counselor! CITs receive hands-on training with experienced park district staff and attend unique field trips designed just for them. Training covers areas required to be a great counselor such as leadership, safety, and curriculum development. Trainees will demonstrate teamwork and responsibility by working together on various service projects in the Highland Park community. Numerous field trips instill attributes necessary for great counselors and create dynamic teamwork that make the summer unforgettable for everyone! Adventuresome field trips encourage exploration, ‘stepping outside of the box’, and create lots of fun! Full Session CITs are welcome to join us for the full camp session! Those participating for the full session will follow the schedule for the first 4-weeks of camp. Beginning Jul 18, CITs will attend camp at their assigned camp location every day. Full session CITs will work with their Camp Director to develop and lead activities during the last three weeks of camp. *CITs must register for Full Session by Apr 19. Transfers will not be accepted after this date. Camp Placement Placements are based on the following: CIT’s age, registered time, & camp preference A questionnaire will be sent to all registered CITs in April to help determine placement in a camp that is the best fit for them. CITs will receive their camp placement by May 17. In order for CITs and campers to have the best experience possible, an appropriate number of CITs must be placed at each camp. Friendship requests will not be honored. No exceptions. Age Requirements CITs entering grade 7 will be assigned to Camp Sunshine, Junior Crew, Sand Trackers. CITs entering grade 8 will be assigned to Camp Sunshine, Junior Spotlighter, Coast Guardians, Sand Trackers, Junior Crew, Jr. Varsity Sports Camps Sport. CITs entering grade 9 or 10 will be assigned to Senior Crew, Senior Spotlighters, or Junior Spotlighters, Varsity Sports Camp, Camp Big/Little Top, Coast Guardians, or Girls Play Strong. Due to the nature of the camp, CITs interested in Camp Big Top/Little Top must have three consecutive years of previous experience at the camp and have a recommendation from the Camp Supervisor. Supervisor: Cathy Fiori, 847.579.3121, Dates to Remember Apr 19 at 5pm Registration closes Apr 26 Questionnaire sent to CITs May 17 Camp placements mailed to CITs 16 Park District of Highland Park • Bus transportation is not provided for this camp.