Brochures Camp 2016 - Page 13

Bus Safety At pick-up and drop off parents are responsible to ensure their child’s safety while walking to and from the bus. Please make arrangements in the morning and afternoon to meet and supervise your children at the stop. Buses are designated as School District 112/Park District Camp. Backpacks are issued the first day of camp to identify park district riders. Only park district campers who are registered for bus service may ride the bus. Registering for Bus Service Bus service is provided as a “complete package” only –riders must use the service in both the morning and afternoon. Register for the bus transportation option in each camp’s registration section. If you do not register for bus transportation initially, you may contact the supervisor of each camp to see if it is available. Bus Service Registration Deadline Apr 22 at 5pm. After this date, a late fee of $75 per session will be applied, and bus service is not guaranteed to be available. Requests for bus service are not accepted after April 29 at 5pm. First Session Bus Service Refund Deadline Apr 22 at 5pm. Second Session Bus Service Refund Deadline Jun 17 at 5pm. Second session runs Jul 18-Aug 5. Camp 2016 • Park District of Highland Park 13