Brochures Camp 2016 - Page 10

general information Communicating with Us Contacting the Office If you need to leave a message for staff members or call in for a sick child, call 847.831.3810 beginning at 8am, Mon-Fri, Jun 20-Aug 5. Reporting Safety Concerns The park district is committed to providing a safe place for recreational activities and we want to know if something concerns you. We encourage Highland Park residents to report safety concerns about our facilities and parks by calling 847.831.3968. You can leave a message 24/7. Camp Newsletter In keeping with the park district Green Initiative, our camp newsletters are paperless and will be emailed to you. Most camps will have their newsletter available on the park district website, Special Accommodations ADA Information The park district encourages everyone to participate in camp! If you or a family member have special needs and would like to participate in a program, we will be happy to make reasonable modification(s) to meet your needs. Please indicate on the registration form or online if you would like information regarding our inclusion programs and/or specifically identifying any need for and request for reasonable modification(s) according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. The park district provides recreational opportunities for all residents of Highland Park. People with and without disabilities are encouraged and invited to register for all park district programs of interest. People with disabilities will not be discriminated against in the delivery of park district programs. To discuss our policies, programs or services or to raise a claim of discrimination on the basis of disability, contact Liza McElroy, our ADA Coordinator, at 847.831.3810. 10 Park District of Highland Park •