Brochures 10 tips for success in school

TOP TEN TIPS 1 for Success in School Believe that you are capable of great things–because you are. This isn’t just “feel good” talk–take confidence from what you already know and can do. Challenge yourself to learn new knowledge and skills, knowing it takes practice and that you’ll make some mistakes. Success comes from working at something over time, not from being born smart. 2 “I didn’t know” is not an excuse. You are more responsible for your education now. Each teacher has a different way of handling homework, long-term projects and group work. Usually, this is explained during the first week of class or when an assignment is given out. This is preparation for the “real world” where you won’t always have people helping you get your work done on time. So if there’s something you don’t know or understand, just ask. 3 Ask for help when you need it. 4 Homework is something you have to do. Get used to it. Get it in on time. Teachers want you to succeed and are willing to help–but they won’t know what additional information you need unless you ask. To get it all done, make homework an expected part of your day. Plan for interruptions and be realistic about how long each assignment will take. This is known as time-management, and when you become good at it, you’ll have plenty of time for everything else you want to do. 5 Be smart–follow test-taking tips. First, look over the test completely and learn the instructions. If you get stuck on a question, go on to the next and come back later to finish. If it’s an essay test, be specific, don’t ramble and write legibly. Remember to eat well the morning of a big test. 6 If something is difficult, don’t stress. Some tasks simply require hard work over time. Keep at it! 7 Plan and be organized. 8 Question what you read. 9 Find the fun! 10 Use a planner to keep track of assignments. Keep all of your notes and handouts for each class in separate notebooks or folders. Organize your locker and backpack so you won’t waste time searching for things that are buried. Don’t just read through an assignment and think you’re done. Think of questions about what you’re reading, review the key points in your mind, and think about how it relates to other things you’re learning. Making these connections makes learning easier. You’ll enjoy school more when you get involved in activities and go to school events. Fun activities help you get through the not-so-fun stuff. Use your freedom to try something new. Go ahead and try out something that might be unfamiliar. Eat well. Get the sleep you need. Exercise. Just like you learned in elementary school. Your brain will work better, and you’ll feel better. For real. Anoka-Hennepin School District, in compliance with current statutes and regulations, and in recognition of its obligation to provide equal educational and employment opportunities for all persons within its jurisdiction, affirms that it will not discriminate on actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex/gender, marital status, disability, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, age, family care leave status or veteran status. Upon request, Anoka-Hennepin will endeavor to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals (staff, students and their families, and community members) with disabilities so they can participate in the district’s programs, services and activities. Individuals with disabilities should notify the American with Disabilities Act coordinator or contact their building principal if they have a disability requiring special assistance or services and, if so, what services are required. This notification should occur as far in advance as possible of the school-sponsored function, program or meeting. Students who are disabled consistent with the definitions set forth in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 will be identified, evaluated and provided free and appropriate public education, regardless of the severity of their handicap. All applicants and employees seeking employment with Anoka-Hennepin, will receive equal opportunities. This applies to all areas of employment including hiring, discharge, promotion, compensation, facilities, or privileges of employment. 2013-14