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AGRULINE Pipe Fittings Overview

AGRU America manufactures high-density polyethylene ( HDPE ) pipe fittings from the newest generation of HDPE resins available in the market compliant with the Plastic Pipe Institute , the PE100 + Association , ASTM , ISO , and NSF . These fittings meet a range of project requirements including AWWA C906 . HDPE piping systems offer a leak-free solution , the lowest life-cycle cost , ease of installation , and superior flow characteristics — all the while keeping its lightweight and flexible properties when compared with other piping materials . AGRU HDPE piping systems are produced in U . S . and Austrian production facilities .
Principal applications include wastewater , potable water , oil and gas gathering , gas distribution , mining , landfill , industrial , and irrigation . Benefits of using HDPE fittings include the ability to create permanent leak-free homogenous joints , convenient installations , and high operational reliability .
AGRU : The Plastics Experts
• Outstanding expertise in the field of plastics processing
• Superior customer service during the order fulfillment process
• Flexible , solution-oriented service and technical support before , during and after project design , execution , and while in operation
• Modern production machines and processes
• Machined and molded engineered piping components .
Low-Maintenance Piping Systems
• Welded HDPE piping systems are considered “ leak-free ” and homogenous in nature when compared with other joining methods required by other alternative legacy materials such as ductile iron , steel , and concrete
• The AGRULINE piping system is proven with decades of in-service pipelines worldwide
• 100 + year design life ( 1 ).
Efficient Solutions
• One-stop shopping for pipes , fittings , and other accessories as needed
• Easy to install and maintain
• Supports a variety of installation methods including horizontal directional drilling
• Smooth inner surfaces ensure high flow capacity throughout the system ’ s service life .
Certified Materials
• PE100 , PE 100-RC , and PE 4710 certified materials all listed in PPI ’ s TR-4 listing
• Suitable for high pressure applications
• Non-corrosive with high chemical resistance
• For higher resistance to slow crack growth , and the longest life , request fittings made from PE 100-RC
• Products are marked in accordance with certifications or standards , including ASTM D3261 , ASTM D2513 , ASTM F2880 , NSF 61 , FM Approval , and AWWA C906 .
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