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AGRU HDPE pipe used to help to create a new sewer main for Fort Lauderdale
In 2020 , the City Commission of Ft . Lauderdale , Florida , approved a $ 65 million fund to design and construct a 7.5-mile – long pipe that will serve as a redundant wastewater transmission line . The extended line would start from Coral Ridge Country Club Wastewater Lift Station and end at the G . T . Lohmeyer Wastewater Treatment Plant ( GTL ), providing improved infrastructure with redundancy , enhanced reliability , and enhanced services .
One challenge with the project was that sections of the 7.5-mile – long pipe extension run near or along streets , roadways , and residential zones and neighborhoods . Engineers had to choose a piping material capable of installing with HDD to minimize the impact on surrounding areas .
To overcome installation constraints , engineers chose to use HDPE sewer pipes . In addition to being flexible and durable enough to support HDD , HDPE pipes are more resistant to corrosion . They have fewer mechanical joints , which together help reduce long-term maintenance requirements . The piping system also improves the infrastructure ’ s resilience to rising sea levels and groundwater tables .
Murphy Pipeline Contractors and David Mancini & Sons worked simultaneously to fast-track construction . Murphy Pipeline handled the northern portion , with David Mancini & Sons taking the southern part .
The new force main was completed without issue and set a record for one of the world ’ s longest and largest HDD pressurized sewer pipe installations , at 3,100 ft at OD 54 . The installation required fusing about 23 sections of pipe .