BRM 2017 August 2017 - Page 9

Trump’s Trump of Himself and the Riff in the Red and White Sandbox

by Barclay

Our President had the perfect Segway to normalizing the White house with the aftermath of the firestorm known as Anthony Scaramucci. Sean Spicer out Reince Priebus out, seemingly Trump’s choice at the news podium in Sarah Huckabee at ready. Yet, not is the case. More tweet-I-cede handling up close and sometimes seemingly way too personal attacks best kept in the office to sift through. Once again, the daily barrage of fodder for the comic relief, it appears to be an addiction Trump can’t break from.

Deciphering the language of a dictator such as Kim Jong Un, certainly is at best difficult. Knowing the nature of the little country that spares no lives in the name of supremacy, Trump should also understand, or attempt to, that a democratic country has no value other than the rise of power for Kim’s regime by saber rattling, or more decidedly, waving missiles in our direction. The childish game of sand box for these two bully-style leaders is clearly defined in red sand vs white sand. The heckling and escalation becomes entertainment to the world, and not necessarily from a comfortable level, as we all watch from the edge of seats, beginning to fear even getting up from the couch to use the restroom or get a snack, for fear of missing literally and figuratively, the trigger point that could end the world as we know it.

Over the centuries, our countries and certainly various players have seemingly tried to defy logic of survival by scheming to obliterate one another in such insidious ways. When the ones in front the most powerful and swift life altering buttons don’t care about life of others, we are at the mercy of them to find reason before they just cannot help themselves and cause the biggest newsflash in history. In retrospect that point has now made the news lines. Fire and fury, wolves ready to destroy nations.

Interestingly, there are so many nations that are just going about the business of life, no presence of mind to cause other nations to gear up the best military and weapons arsenals to combat the other countries doing the same. Imagine, all the people, living in a world of peace,,, lyrics by John Lennon years ago, still has value. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if we could get Trump, Kim, Putin, and others to value those words instead of, the comically tragic line from one of Jeff Dunham’s creations Ahkmed the dead terrorist,,, who states, “infidels!, I keel you”.

Time outs worked as children when the sandbox got to intense, perhaps there is something in that solution. But how to implement such a remedy when the adrenalin is feeding off of itself between these two main antagonists. I wish someone to find that solution and soon, so that the sun will come out, for more than just tomorrow.