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Leo August 2017


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If a solar year can be judged by how it begins, then you are in for one incredible year. There are two layers to the advantage you have moved into this new solar year with. The first is Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos. Mars returned to Leo on the 21st July, two days before the Sun returned and won’t leave until early September. With the Sun leaving Leo and bringing your birthday month to a close on the 23rd August, Mars is not only here for the whole of August, but every moment of your birthday month.

You have begun a solar year with the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos on board from the get go and your whole birthday month will be spent with him at your side, telling you what’s possible and giving you the courage to embrace life head on. If that had been all then this would be an incredible start to a new solar year, with every reason to believe that the rest of your solar year would be touched by this. But for the first time in 17 years the Sun returned to find the North Node here and for Mars this is the first time in 36 years.

The North Node brings the element of fate and potential already there before this year even begun, but is also the reason for a total solar eclipse on the 22nd August. This creates the potential for major new beginnings and the opening of major new doors. The last time you had the Sun, Mars and the North Node in Leo at the same time was in 1925, 92 years ago. So to say this has the potential to be one of your most stunning solar years ever is no exaggeration. With a lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on the 8th August, there is something fateful developing on the relationship front as well.

Love 2017Leo August 2017 Love Horoscope

Despite the fact that you’re moving into a stunning new solar year and a total solar eclipse in Leo on the 22nd August brings the promise of major new beginnings, this is a month where the majority of the first four weeks are awash with a sense of romantic nostalgia. With Saturn in retrograde motion in your romantic sector until the 26th August, this was always going to be the case.

Since returning in 2014, Saturn has spent the middle months of the last three years in retrograde motion. This year this is a lot more important, for this is Saturn’s last retrograde phase here for another 28 years. Who then can Saturn call on to make it count and ensure nothing is overlooked? The only planet up for the job is Venus, planet of love and she shows up with the kind of timing that hints at divine intervention.

For Venus not only returns to a nostalgic part of your chart on the 1st August, but will leave and return to Leo on the 26th August, the same day Saturn turns direct. Venus returns to a nostalgic part of your chart each year before returning to Leo and here she takes your heart on a nostalgic trip down love’s memory lane. This is a chance to close old doors and dance with old ghosts before returning to Leo to kick off a new cycle of love. For the third year in a row Saturn has been in retrograde motion in your romantic sector at the time, but also for the last time for another 28 years. Venus is not only here in time to make the most of the doors open to the past and second chances, but to ensure that when the tide turns it is so definitive that there will be no going back.

Money 2017Leo August 2017 Money Horoscope

Compared to other, more active areas of your chart, what is developing on the income front this month is a slow burn. However, any kind of a burn is significant, especially in the early part of the month and in this case, a slow burn couldn’t be more advantageous. By a slow burn what I am talking about is Mercury. Often the first planetary activity on the income front doesn’t begin until the Sun returns on the 23rd August.

This is the point in any year when the solar spotlight will shift onto your income situation, matters and options. Mercury will move through at around the same time, racing through in 15 days, half the time it takes the Sun to move through, he is a fast burn. You have 15 days to work with his smart head for money and to get your head in the game. So to not have a fast burn is an advantage, but not just because of the extra time. Mercury returned on the 26th July and therefore should be gone just 10 days into the month. Had that happened Mercury would move into opposition with both Neptune and Chiron in your financial sector.

However, he will turn retrograde on the 13th August, before that can happen. So as well as buying you extra time to work with Mercury’s smart head for money, it puts off any financial tension or clash between income and money matters until later next month. Until then a retrograde turn opens the doors to the past, second chances and untapped income potential.

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