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These Dads Have Failed Gloriously At Parenting And That’s Okay

A Child And A Beer

Our sub-heading isn’t as ominous as it sounds. This dad wanted to have some quality time with his child but he also wanted to enjoy a nice cold beer on a hot day. Using some out-of-the-box thinking he devised a simple but effective way to do both. The baby is having fun in their child swing and the dad is getting some rest and relaxation. This is one of the most popular dads fails online but is it really a fail? Dad solved a problem that helped him out and made his kid happy — we consider this a daddy success.

Look At My New Hairstyle!

The goofy nature of dads is perfectly highlighted in this adorable set of baby photos. When dad was told to give his baby a bath he jumped into action with some bubble bath hairstyling that went viral. The babies mom, Melissa Nas, posted this photo on Imgur and it was viewed millions of times. Dads are awesome at reminding up not to always take life so seriously. Plus, his baby is absolutely adorable and really seemed to be enjoying bath time with daddy. Hopefully, their father also remembered to actually clean them during bathtime.

The Cheerios Challenge

In 2016, the Cheerios Challenge went viral all over the internet. Parents attempted to stack the largest number of Cheerios on their babies head while the child was sleeping. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a majority of participants in the Cheerios Challenge were men. This dad fully mastered the art of Cheerio stacking and was proclaimed one of the best in the art form. It may have helped that this little child was able to sleep so soundly without waking up as dad stacked a ton of cereal pieces on their face.

This Gamer Dad Is Doing It Right

Believe it or not, having children doesn’t mean you need to change everything about your life to accommodate them. Kids, especially when they are very young, just want to be held and stay close to their parents. This dad was on bottle duty but also wanted to play his favorite video game. The only change he had to make in his life was learning how to hold a bottle, a baby, and a video game controller at the same time. Baby looks happy and dad gets to continue playing video games — it’s a win-win situation.

A New Way To Carry A Child?

There are certain daddy moments that make us question whether certain people should be raising children — this is one of those moments. This dad was in a supermarket when he decided to see if a plunger could be used to pick up his young son. First, the plunger totally worked and the child was lifted off the ground. However, the dad didn’t stop to think whether or not the plunger might leave a mark. he also didn’t consider that the suction might give way and send his son flying hard into the supermarket floor.

A Dad Hairstyle Choice

If you’re a dad and you don’t have a lot of experience with “doing hair” you might also take your daughter too seriously when she asks you to put her hair in a bun. On the one hand, this is a horrible interpretation of what the little girl was asking for. At the same time, it’s actually kind of brilliant. This little girl’s hair is in a bun and she has a portable snack after a long day of playing outside with friends. Dad’s are a breed all their own and this viral photo proves that they are full of dad humor at every turn. Wow.

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