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These Dads Have Failed Gloriously At Parenting And That’s Okay

Dads really do live by their own set of rules. They are goofy, sometimes they don’t think through life’s big moments, and they are loving. We combed through thousands of dad fails to find a group of images that perfectly sum up why some dads really need parent training to get through the day. By the time you see these examples of dad fails you will be questioning if men should really be allowed to hang out with their own children unsupervised. From dad built swings to the Cheerios Challenge, there’s no lack of… um… interesting ideas.

Dads See The World Differently

If you are going to leave dad alone with the kid, there is a really good chance you’ll end up receiving a photo like this in a text message. This is the type of view dads have on the world. Although, we have to admit that this cute little baby head does look exactly like a kiwi. This is one of the tamer “dad fails” we managed to dig up. At the end of the day, there is a good reason to NOT leave dad alone with the kids, especially when the father is a big child themselves and will likely have this type of day with the kiddo.

This Only Took 10 Minutes

It doesn’t take long for dad to do something like this with your little bundle of joy. “I leave my husband with the baby for ten minutes,” bemoaned a Reddit user who posted this hilarious photo of her angry-looking infant. We don’t know if this baby photo should be classified as a parenting fail or a hilarious memory this small child will have for the rest of their life. What we do understand is that dads should really have a lot of supervision when interacting with their kids or stuff like this happens and goes viral all over the internet.

Just A Quick Snack

The nurturing nature of fathers. This dad was hungry for a piece of chocolate cake but they were torn between a delicious dessert and a sleeping baby. While a mom may have waited for their child to wake up, this dad turned them into a placeholder for their plate. “The only way my three-day-old daughter would fall asleep. After two hours of carrying her around I got hungry,” he wrote. Dad’s have their own unique way of parenting but sometimes it works out for everyone involved and then there is delicious cake involved.

Who Needs Disney World With This Dad Around

A trip to Disneyland or Disney World can easily cost thousands of dollars. This dad figured out the perfect way to avoid those costs while still giving his kids the time of their lives. We’re not sure if this dad ride will pass federal safety regulations but their kids don’t seem to mind. His wife may not have seen the funny side of this “ride” but the photo has gone viral on several occasions. Dad’s have their own unique view on the world and that just means their children discover new and exciting ways to try stuff in a different way.

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