BRM 2017 August 2017 - Page 16

Fluffy handed me the shovel at the first mound, I handed him the flash light, and started to dig.

My back was screaming, "stop, stop!" I could feel the blisters forming all over my hands. If the killer had buried the body here he is stronger than I am. Body aching, I looked at Fluffy who was patiently waiting for me to realize a body is not under the big piles of dirt.

Well back to the drawing board, I thought nobody here, DAMN.

Above is a sample of writing that I took to my first visit to a writers group. And I have found that it has put me on the path of getting that story from my head to paper. Where once I didn't know where to start. I now have found it and love that this experience makes me want to write more.

We all talk about how we would like to write a book, or that would make a good book. Well what would you do if you sat down and wrote that book? Are you a Stephen King or Dr. Seuss? Even they had to start somewhere.

One way to get started is to just start writing. Diary, memories, research there are lots of different ways nothing is the same for everyone. The key is to start.

Another thing to remember is to try and write about something you can describe. If you can't put the picture of the millennium falcon in the readers mind chances are you are not a science fiction writer. But if you can breathe life to the streets of 1800's New Orleans French Quarter then you are Anne Rice.

There is not suck thing as a bad idea just an incomplete one. You are talking to the reader, helping to port them into your story. Be a storyteller help them understand and feel the characters.

I found that joining a writers group helped get me started. I take some pages with me and enough copies for each of the people in the group. We take turns reading the sample then write some things on it that might help the writer. Then at the end of the meeting we have done everyone’s papers and hopefully helped.

I got advice and gave advice in a very healthy environment. I suggest if you have never tried this and you want to get those stories down. Look at your local newspaper or library.

Becoming the Next Stephen King