Brightwell Dispensers Product Catalogue US Catalogue - Page 14

MODULAR TOILET ROLL MODULAR WET WIPE JUMBO DISPENSER DISPENSER Busy washrooms mean busy toilet tissue dispensers. The Modular jumbo model is sizeable and strong enough to take on constant use. Available in four sizes: large, medium, small and small with stub. The Modular wet wipe dispenser improves the hygiene of any environment. It dispenses one wet wipe at a time, while the remaining stock fresh. KEY FEATURES KEY FEATURES • Available in four sizes to cater for all environments • Small jumbo with stub helps reduce paper wastage • Clever reversible spigot fits different roll-core diameters • For perforated and non-perforated paper • Easy restocking SPECIFICATIONS: MODULAR TOILET ROLL JUMBO DISPENSER SUITABILITY CAPACITY Perforated or non-perforated jumbo rolls with a maximum width of 4 1/2" and a core size between 2" and 2 1/2" Small Small with stub Medium Large Small DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 8" diameter 8" diameter, 4" stub roll 10 1/5" diameter 12" diameter  eight: 10 3/5", Width: 8 3/5", H Depth: 6", Weight: 1.4 lbs Small with stub Height: 9" , Width: 13 1/3" Depth: 5", Weight: 1.5 lbs Medium Height: 13", Width: 11" , Depth: 6", Weight: 1.8 lbs Large Height: 15", Width: 13 2/5", Depth: 6", Weight: 22.2 lbs • The closure fits perfectly to the neck provided for wet wipe packs, preventing wipes from drying out. • Mounted on a wall, this static cleaning station also keeps the workplace tidy and locks away the stock of wet wipes. (High annual Minimum Order Quantities apply.) SPECIFICATIONS: MODULAR WET WIPE DISPENSER SUITABILITY Various wipe materials housed in a pouch CAPACITY 1 wet wipe pouch DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Height: 11 1/3", Width: 6", Depth: 6" Weight: 1.4 lbs BRANDING Distribute our products under your own company’s name or logo using our internal branding service. CHOOSE YOUR WINDOW COLOR customize your paper dispensers with the window color of your choice.