Brightwell Dispensers Product Catalogue English Catalogue - Page 42

QUANTURA 300 AND QUANTURA 300S Quantura 300 and Quantura 300S systems are suitable for dosing three chemicals; detergent, rinse aid and sanitiser into a wide range of commercial dishwashers including conveyor, hood and door type dishwashing machines. The three chemical system consists of Quantura 200 or 200S and an additional third peristaltic pump for dosing sanitiser. The third pump only works with Quantura 200 or 200S. KEY FEATURES • Easy installation and set-up • One system for Probe Mode, Probeless Conveyor Mode, Probeless Hood/Door Mode • High-quality brushless DC motors • Micro-processor controlled dosing • Pump status lights and on/off indication light • Special Pulsing Technology to achieve super low flow rates • Full text LCD in nine different languages • Secure access code option • De-lime capability • Pre-wired to speed up installation process QUANTURA 300 QUANTURA 300S SPECIFICATIONS: QUANTURA 300 AND QUANTURA 300S POWER 100–240VAC, 50/60Hz, Class II, Maximum power consumption: 42W FLOW RATES* Detergent flow rate: 30ml/min to 250ml/min (BrightChem tube) Rinse aid flow rate: 3ml/min to 30ml/min (BrightChem tube) Sanitiser flow rate: 6ml/min to 80ml/min (BrightChem tube) OPERATING PRESSURE Detergent: 1 bar / Rinse Aid: Up to 3 bar TRIGGER SIGNALS 24V to 240V (AC or DC), opto-isolated OPERATING MODES Probe Mode, Probeless Conveyor Mode, Probeless Hood/Door Mode PROBE Temperature compensated conductive probe CONTROL CIRCUITRY ST Micro ARM Cortex-M3 CPU microprocessor controlled. Security access codes SQUEEZE TUBE FITTINGS Standard: Compression fittings; Alternative fittings are available on request (minimum order quantities apply) MOTOR Brushless 24VDC SOLENOID VALVE 24VDC (Applicable for Quantura 300S) PRODUCT STANDARDS CE marked, Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU EMC Directive 2014/30EU. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Height: 210mm, Width: 280mm, Depth: 115mm, Weight: 2kg WARRANTY 2 years IP RATING IP55 BUZZER 24VDC max. 500mA (10W) MULTILINGUAL INTERFACE Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese * Flow rates are subject to environmental conditions