Brightwell Dispensers Product Catalogue English Catalogue - Page 33

CHEMICAL DILUTION AND DOSING SYSTEMS 33 ECOMULTI COMPACT ECOMULTI proportioners offer a reliable and cost-effective way of diluting multiple chemicals from one dispenser. Connected to the water mains, the flexible design makes these proportioners the ideal solution for even the smallest cleaning environments. ECOMULTI Compact is available as a four or five chemical dispenser. KEY FEATURES 4 CHEMICAL DISPENSER COMPACT Dilute up to four separate chemicals with 13 specific dilution ratios in either high flow or low flow applications. DESIGN • Flexible configuration enabling chemical concentrates to be conveniently drawn from side or bottom inlets ACCURACY • Patented dilution technology offers precise dilution ratios • Intuitive 4 dial product selector with haptic click to avoid chemical selection error SAFETY • Secure chemical cabinets can be installed on either side of the dispenser to control access to hazardous chemicals and prevent tampering 5 CHEMICAL DISPENSER COMPACT Dilute up to five chemicals each with 13 specific dilution ratios. The dispenser includes two separate proportioners making it ideal for mixing high and low flow applications. SPECIFICATIONS: ECOMULTI COMPACT APPLICATION Flexible design and colour-coded pictograms make ECOMULTI ideal for environments such as cleaning and maintenance cupboards and industrial kitchens OPERATION Intuitive push and dial operation. Simply turn dial to select chemical and push button to activate dilution INSTALLATION Working temperature range 4–65 O C. Working pressure range 2–5 bar Minimum water flow required: High flow = 8.5L/min. Low flow = 3.5L/min FLOW RATES* Low flow 2:1 to 128:1 (4L/min) High flow 6:1 to 350:1 (14L/min) DILUTION Select up to 13 independent dilution ratios per chemical CAPACITY 4 or 5 chemical dispenser. Suction from any sized container. Cabinet available for 2L container or 1.5L pouch COLOURS Cover ring: grey as standard. Also available in blue, green, red and yellow CUSTOMISATION The dispensers can be branded with your company name or logo. Colour-coded, multi-lingual pictograms come with ECOMULTI Compact 4 or 5 Chemical Dispenser as standard. Minimum order quantities apply DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 4 chemical dispenser Height: 264mm, Width: 140mm, Depth: 134mm, Weight: 1.0kg 5 chemical dispenser Height: 271mm, Width: 211mm, Depth: 134mm, Weight: 1.30kg * Flow rates are subject to environmental conditions