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LET YOUR BELLY LEAD YOU TO BARCELONA Barcelona, well known for its football, architecture, shopping, ‘Las Ramblas’ and its long beaches. It is a city with a lot of history, good weather, with an excellent taste for art and music, and most importantly; A CITY WITH GOOD FOOD. In this article, BREWED will give you some food tips you should definitely try when visiting the city! If you hadn’t had enough yet, there’s a COVERED MARKET called ‘Mercat de la Boqueria’ along Las Ramblas. ‘Mercat de la Boqueria’ is opened all days of the week except on Sundays. At this market, you can find very fresh fruits, veggies, fish, meat and cheeses. This is one of the most colorful markets you will see in Barcelona. Do you want to start your day off right? Walking down Las Ramblas towards the harbor, you will find ‘BRUNCH AND CAKE’. It is the best place to have breakfast or lunch! The menu varies from salads to smoothie bowls, eggs, bagels, juices, and cakes. Not only does the food taste amazing, but the way the plates are made up makes it even better! What you absolutely cannot miss on your trip is tapas bar ‘Orio’. It is situated in Barrio Gotico, the center of the old city Barcelona. It is a traditional Spanish restaurant which serves VERY TASTY TAPAS and dishes. It is a very nice place where you can taste the Spanish kitchen at its best. Next to Las Ramblas you can find a cozy restaurant named ‘Luzia’. It has a nice vibe and they have AN OPEN KITCHEN. They serve dishes varying from tapas, pasta, sandwiches, and pizza. And for dessert, they have the most amazing home-made lemon pie! Going further into the center you will find restaurant ‘El Cercle’. It is situated at Carrer dels Arcs. To find this restaurant you need to enter the Museum that is underneath first, and then follow the stairs. ‘El Cercle’ is a cozy restaurant with a beautiful terrace. They serve two different menus here; a menu with MEDITERRANEAN DISHES and a menu with Asian dishes. The food is excellent, but the sushi is even better. It is a very nice place to have a fine meal and to enjoy the sight of the streets of Barcelona. 8 Near the harbor, there is a BEACH BURGER CAFÉ called ‘Makamaka’. Their home-made burgers are irresistible, just like the cocktails they serve. A cool thing about ‘Makamaka’ is that they have a wall where customers can write their comments or a message on a wooden fork or spoon and put it on the wall. ‘Makamaka’ is a cozy café and has a relaxed vibe, which makes it the perfect place for an afternoon bite or drink! ! NOW IT IS TIME TO GO TO BARCELONA AND LET YOUR BELLY DECIDE ! Written by: Maxime Lawende 9