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EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS EUROPE Most events and championships are well known and practiced all over the world. However, here in Europe, we have some events you probably NEVER HEARD OF, but it doesn’t mean that they are less popular or entertaining! You all experienced the moment when you are dancing in the club with your friends and a rock song comes on. You take your air guitars (or your friends’ leg) and you start rocking it out. In Finland, this is NOT JUST A DANCE MOVE, but every August there is a world championship organized in the place Oulu. The championship is not only meant watch?v=ij1S1208PvQ for entertainment and fun, but the organization also wants to share an important message to the audience: ‘Make air, not war’. You may or may not have seen the next extraordinary event on your news feed at Facebook. In Finland, they carry their wives over multiple obstacles during a race in the shortest time possible. The winner receives HIS WIFE’S WEIGHT IN BEER. The world championship of ‘wife-carrying’ is held in Sonkajärvi. All the contestants watch?v=9ge9J10C83Y have different strategies of carrying their wife. Curious? Here is an impression. Smigus-dyngus, which is better known as ‘Wet Monday’ is the ultimate water fight. In Poland and Ukraine, they celebrate Easter Monday with MASSIVE WATER FIGHTS. The participants are mostly residents and use water balloons, water pistols and buckets to splash each other. You can see how wet it gets here: If you are a big fan of cheese, you would go pretty far for a tasty bite! In England however, they have taken the love of cheese to the next level. In Gloucester, they organize CHEESE-CHASING RACES, with the cheeses rolling down-hill. It is hosted on Spring Bank Holiday, which is the last Monday of May. Here you can see the cheeses (and most of the people) rolling around. It takes a lot of training and practice to participate in this next championship! Finger pulling or ‘Fingerhakeln’ is a contest held in the Alps. Men get dressed in their traditional Tiroler outfits to do some serious FINGER PULL-UPS! To win the contest you need to pull the other contestant across the table by only using your finger, as you can see here: Written by: Maxime Lawende 6 7