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With the added benefit of him being an English teacher, he assured us that the language would not be standing in the way of the delivery of the comic relief in his lines. Satan, the landlord, took a bit more time for us to find, since, at first, we didn’t really have an idea of who to cast. We wanted a slightly older actor to establish ‘the father figure’. Then as soon as Jos replied to our ad and we saw his pictures and work, we were sold! He possessed the exact intensity we had been looking for. Next on ‘Ever Sins’ Now that Pride has moved into the apartment and claimed her spot in ‘chapter 1: Greed’, she starts doing more work around the house but is quickly confronted by Adam’s weird laziness and his incredible appetite. Both issues simultaneously concern and annoy Pride but also give her an opportunity to get some information out of Adam as soon as she finds a way to deal with his sins. Colophon Editors in Chief Arleth Sanders Nathalie van der Linden Content Department Design department Jess van den Berg Adrian Clement Sax Roos Bikker Britt Oskamp Maaike van Hooft Arleth Sanders Vera Klap Stefani Stoilova Elke de Hees Vera Veltman Berit Vreijdenberger Maxime Lawende Jennifer Schätzel Nathalie van der Linden Marketing Department Beatrise Maija Krievina Ayoub Bouyauzan Andrea Verweijmeren Alina Cioară Katja Haunold 34 35