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A journey into the World of TV written by: Stefani Stoilova Who are we? We are group 2 of this year’s Production House TV department and we are the people behind Ever Sins, one of the web series that is currently airing on the PHTVBUAS YouTube channel. We would like to give you a better insight into what our show is about! When we had to brainstorm for the concept for our show, we had come up with a few ideas. We decided it might be best to turn the progress around first We knew we were going to be making seven episodes in total, so we started looking for something in the consistent of seven interconnected chunks. This quickly brought us to the classical Christian ‘seven deadly sins’. We immediately knew we would be able to do something with this concept! As Pride starts unraveling the mysteries of the apartment, she has to learn to cope with her new roommate and his overly-involved father. Our actors The casting of the main role ‘Pride’ couldn’t have gone easier as we used our contacts from last year to contact Leonie. She is an actress some of our group members had worked with last year, and we knew she was perfectly suitable for the part. Casting Adam was a bit more of a struggle as some of the people we were referred to were mostly all taken. However, as soon as we found Ruben we knew that we had found our guy! Ever Sins is a show about a young psychology student, Pride, who accepts a mysterious invitation to a room viewing as she is desperately looking for a place to stay. Upon arrival, she finds out the shady invitation has led her to an even shadier place, with a creepy landlord who goes by ‘many names’ and his unpredictable son ‘Adam’. 32 ‘He possessed the exact intensity we had been looking for.’ 33