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In the time that there is to create a game, you need to work as efficient as possible. ‘After brainstorming, we decided to put a restriction on animation. Animating takes a lot of time, so we wanted to create a game that didn’t require too much of it,’ Roy explains. After the concept, you start working on the mechanic. We decided on a shooting mechanic, what means that the mechanic is used as both movement and a weapon. If you’re deciding the idea is good, you start finetuning. Everything needs to be clear from moving and what’s happening when you do a certain movement. ‘However, if you’re going to have one big mechanic, it needs to feel good to play.’ Bjorn explains. ‘To make sure of that, tiny little effects are added to increase the juiciness of the game.’ Roy adds: ‘Inside this game, certain The first thing you want to do is test if things happen that make the game feel moving by shooting is fun. If it’s fun you really good, like lighting that Bjorn did.’ keep it, if not, you kill it. ‘If it’s fun you keep it, if not, you kill it.’ An important thing with the mechanic is the question if it works with the artist. Sometimes, it is the other way around, with the artist having an idea for the art. Then the programmers have to see if it fits the mechanic. For the game marmalade, you want to do everything as efficient as possible since time is limited. Therefore we used some things like glass from the previous game we developed, changed it up a bit and put it in the new game. It was supposed to be a desert, but we re-used it as the surface of Mars. The game consists of one big level. We worked with modular assets to make it. It’s basically a set of pieces that you can use and fit with each other to make the level that you want. A bit finer explained; modularity is like Lego. It can be used in most places, like boxes and scaffolding. It is really easy to make by artist and the designers can easily use them. When the game concept is finished, we The same goes for the background. pitch it for the whole year. After that, The surface was made by one of our we only use it for our portfolio. Since it artists, who made this in block A of last is not a fully developed game, we don’t year. publish it. 30 31