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Cortex Cannon To develop their first game, they get three weeks, and the other two need to be done in two weeks. Every new project has a new requirement and at the end of the short time period, their concept games are presented. BREWED joined their second game marmalade presentations and sat down with Roy Bomhof, the producer and leading artist Bjorn Prins to talk about their game ‘Cortex Cannon’. ‘Cortex Cannon is the second game we created. It was required to be 1950’s sci-fi themed. Our team of designers, programmers, and artists (a total of 9 people) had to brainstorm about the game, do a lot of research and work on the mechanic for the game. After two weeks (which is actually eight working days), our team had to present our game concept.’ To start, the team comes together to brainstorm about the concept. In the last block, our IGAD students have been really busy working on numerous game concepts for their so-called ‘game marmalade’. In a team with designers, programmers and visual artists they work together to create a total of three games. 26 What do we want? What can we make? What are our limitations? The game Roy developed as a producer is an Action Sidescrolling Platformer game. Their storyline: You play as an American spy that had to infiltrate a Soviet base on Mars. Unfortunately, the Soviets caught you and extracted your brain from your body. Unfortunately for them, their experiments on your brain gave you super physic powers. Your objective stays the same with or without a body: steal the super robot from the Soviets and escape. You play as a brain in a glass jar. We use a unique mechanic that serves as both a weapon and movement for the player. Propel yourself forward using the recoil of your mental laser blast. If you are interested in playing any of the IGAD marmalade games, you can play them at the coffe corner between room 0.009 and room 0.010 27