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2. Yaam 4. Tropical Islands Berlin Caribbean vibes in Berlin? Sure! Yaam is a colorful and fun beach bar on the river Spree. The perfect spot to chill out after you visited the east side gallery (believe me, your feet are going to want to rest). However, Yaam is much more than just a place to get a drink. The beach bar is also a club, they offer exhibitions and it is a very loved place by the reggae community in Berlin to meet each other. The little kid that is still inside me could not resist this one. Tropical Islands is a former zeppelin hangar turned mega tropical swimming paradise (Oh. My. God). The huge hall has a surface of 60000 square meters and is 170 meters high. It has an indoor jungle, spa, swimming pool in lagoon style and a beach. Believe me, I went there, and it is everything you want in life. Amazing. 5. Potsdam Potsdam is a lovely little town next to Berlin. The town is not very famous, but it is definitely worth a visit. One of the must-sees in Potsdam is castle Sanssouci. Sanssouci is called ‘the Versailles of Berlin’ and there is definitely a reason for that. When you arrive at the palace you sure will be overwhelmed by the fountains and terrace with many symmetrical stairs. In between all the different residencies of Sanssouci, there is a beautiful and huge garden, perfect for spring and summer strolling. 3. Hackesche Höfe 6. Monkey bar Hackesche Höfe is the perfect destination for the tourist who is looking for the more artsy side of Berlin but also for them who enjoy some architecture. The Hackesche Höfe consist of ten lovely courtyards. They all contain local shops and little restaurants. If you walk past the main entrance and walk in the second (way smaller) alley, you will find a courtyard different from the rest. This one has graffiti covering all the walls, art everywhere and very different looking architecture. It is incredibly overwhelming but definitely worth a visit. If you are very fond of cocktails and Mediterranean food (or just cocktails) this is the perfect bar for you. Monkey bar is a restaurant/cocktail bar on the rooftop of the bikini hotel, or as one might say, the trendiest panoramic point of Berlin. It is located right next to the Berlin zoo, so while you’re sipping your cocktail and having a lovely evening with your lover/friends, you’re also enjoying a beautiful landscape (because what’s more beautiful than baby animals? That’s right, nothing). 24 25