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A traveler’s guide to This year my boyfriend gave me the best birthday gift ever (hopefully so far); a trip to Berlin. This made me extremely excited because I LOVE Berlin and visited the city twice already so I could not wait to go again. Unavoidably, we went to see the biggest sights; Brandenburger Tor, the Holocaust memorial, Potsdamer Platz and of course East side gallery. There are many more beautiful and a little bit (with ‘a little bit’ I mean mega super) touristic places in Berlin that are worth a visit. Being the embarrassingly obnoxious takes-pictures-of- everything-tourist, I am, I also went to these places. However, next to those things that make Berlin famous, the city has a lot more to offer. As I said, it was the third time I went to Berlin. That is why I decided that, next to the famous sights, I was going to discover some other interesting places to visit in this magnificent and one of a kind city. I have listed the somewhat-less-known-yet-still-super-fun-places-to-visit in Berlin for you! Like singer David Bowie once said: “Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine”. 1. Markthalle Neun This is the perfect place for people who love food (which basically everyone) and are looking for something else than a just simple lunch/breakfast café. Markthalle Neun has evolved itself in a magical marketplace where the food ranges from Asian to African to Local dishes; for each his own. The market place opened its doors in 1891, survived the wars and has smartly avoided the many inevitable commercial approaches by companies who wanted a piece of this market. Neun even has its own monthly breakfast market. So, if you decide to pay a visit, make sure you arrive with an empty stomach. 22 23