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Editor’s hello Hello everyone! There it is already! The last issue of our three digital magazines. Have you read them all so far? We hope you did! (And if not, go and read them!) This issue is all about adventure. I mean, who doesn’t like a (unexpected) journey? Whether it’s going to the McDonalds at night, backpacking throughout Asia, or ending up drunk in someone’s backyard; it all makes up for a great story (if you are able to remember it of course). We covered stories from others, but we also have a lot of ideas and suggestions for your next adventure! We hope it will get you inspired and excited! We want to thank Christine, our supervisor, and Arnoud, to who we owe our job. Making the magazine is an adventure on itself! To everyone who supported us, was willing to be interviewed or who reads our magazine; a big thanks to you too! We would be nowhere without you. We want to wish you the most of fun reading our last digital issue. The next magazine will turn back to its original form; paper. We hope to see you around then! Houdoe en bedankt! Arleth and Nathalie 2 3