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Amy Wong Amy Wong course. As working on one single project all day long for couple weeks straight seems practically unbearable, I do have some smaller tasks on the side, such as small video projects and administrative things. It is a 9-5 job which can some days seem a bit long, but most of the time I have enough going on to fill it all up. abroad. Amy Wong is a third year IMEM student who is currently living in Sydney for her work placement. She works for the company Social Media College, which is a social media education company. Arnoud Versluis brought her in contact with the company and after contacting the company, she had two interviews via Skype (one with each of her current bosses). Her work placement is marketing oriented, but she gets the opportunity to do much more than just marketing oriented tasks. She mainly chose for this internship because she wanted to go abroad to an English speaking country with an enjoyable climate and environment. What kind of tasks/responsibilities do you have and which are your favorites and which are your least favorite? I genuinely like almost every task given to me, because they always vary. The things I get to do are not just getting everyone coffee every day and cleaning the office. I got to renew and implement the new Social Media College Instagram strategy, which has been a huge project from the beginning on. Besides that I produce videos for internal and external purposes. Another great project I get to work on by myself is setting up an entire new course, created to train the new sales people. It’s awesome! Least favorite task would probably be the more mundane tasks such as putting new students in the system, just because it’s less exciting but I don’t mind doing it at all. What does a day at your internship look like? Luckily I live very nearby the office, so after a nice walk to the office I start off with my open tasks. Right now it’s working on setting up the new training 16 How expensive is it to go and live there? Before going, I did save a bit and I highly recommend doing so. As many do say, Sydney is an expensive cityW to live in. Not necessarily the living part, but there will be a lot of social gatherings and those really add up. It’s also doable if you don’t have the big numbers already. I know a few other students who had a job on the side of their internship, which also broadens your social life while saving up for a few more weekend trips. What is it like to live in Australia and do you like it? I love Australia! For such a young country, it has developed so well over time and Sydney truly is the most beautiful and diverse city in my opinion. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel very welcomed. My favorite things to do during the week were hanging out with friends after work, e.g. getting drinks, visit a fare and go to the beach. My favorite things to do during the weekends were going on adventures. Sydney as a city can be really hectic and overwhelming, you can be in complete relaxing paradise after an hour drive. What is the coolest thing you have done/experienced so far? Off work wise, I went on amazing adventures, experiencing Australia’s unreal nature. Work wise, I set up a new course, implemented a new Instagram strategy and made awesome trips with the office. Do you have any other tips or things you would like to share? If you are hesitating or considering doing your internship in Australia or somewhere else abroad: do it! It is an experience of a lifetime that gets offered to you and it would be a shame to miss what I have just experienced. Don’t worry too much about factors such as homesickness or financials, there is always a way! 17