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Pointer Pointer - The name describes it perfectly, you point your pointer (computer mouse) and whenever you stop it on the screen, a picture will appear of a person pointing at your cursor. You might think that this is impossible when you put it in a certain place, but it works on every area. It is very entertaining, and I can do it all day long. Might not be smart to visit this site in the exam week… Quickdraw - This one is more of a game than only a weird website. On this site you are challenged to draw something that is given to you within 20 seconds. When you’re done, Google will guess what it is as quick as possible. For all the lonely people out there; this is a great game to play all day. It is fascinating how well Google plays this game. Try it here: I Look Like Barack Obama - This website is made by Trevor. Trevor has a website dedicated to the fact that he looks like Barack Obama. But when you click on the link, you will find out (*spoiler alert*) that he doesn’t look like Barack Obama at all. Or in his own words “I am NOT Barack Obama, we just look alike.” His words not mine. Still it is very funny. Weird or Confusing - Weird or confusing, this side is both of those things. You can click on a button that says “Sell me something weird or confusing” and then it kind of speaks for itself. It links you to a website which will sell you something weird and confusing. Or both! Find out for yourself. Creepy Pasta - Last but not one to be forgotten is maybe a more familiar website called Creepypasta. Here you can find scary stories for the people who love not being able to sleep. So for you horror freaks out there, this might be the perfect website for you. 14 ADE around the world: with Amy and Christel written by Elke de Hees Going on a work placement is one of the things most students look forward to. When you start looking for a work placement, the first thing you have to decide is if you want to stay in The Netherlands or go abroad. There are many students who want to go abroad, but are still in doubt or just have no idea what to expect. To give you a little impression about what it’s like to do your work placement abroad, we interviewed two students who are currently living 15