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Let’s be Internet Explorers By Vera Veltman Sometimes we all wonder so long on the internet that we get to a website or video and we think “how the hell did I end up here?”. You will be surprised by what you can find on the internet. Weird videos, crazy websites or just useless fun links. Let’s beinternet explorers and dive into the weird side of the internet. Shower Thoughts - The first website is called “Shower Thoughts”. On this sub-Reddit, people share the thoughts they have in the shower. It can get really weird but also quite poetic. It is just a nice website to scroll through. Here is a quote: “Sex ed teaches you everything except for how to get yourself into a situation where that information will be of any use.” For more, click here: Ggggg - This next website is just a really strange one, but in my opinion very hilarious. This whole website is dedicated to the letter ‘G’. People on this website praise the letter ‘G’ and it is just as weird as it sounds. There are many pictures or posts about the letter, and for some reason, it is very entertaining. Birds with Arms - On this site people edit arms onto birds. That is exactly what it is and nothing more. I don’t know why either. Just click and see it for yourself. My Evil Plan - On “My Evil Plan” people share stories, mostly about how to get revenge on other people. It’s a community in which people can help each other with their evil plans. Visitors give feedback on each other for their evil plans. 12 13