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The Sound Of BUAS Just like the previous issues of BREWED, we are continuing with the student Spotify playlist. Though, this one is a little more special. I asked my fellow peers from Radio to recommend their favourite songs of the moment. Elvira, Willem, Sanne, Niki, Rachel and Sander who are the College Kids at BredaNU. Here is their student Spotify playlist. By Vera Veltman WILLEM Banana pancakes - Jack Johnson Birds (Acoustic Version) – Chefs Special Exhale (Shoop Shoop) -Babyface SANNE Kiwi – Harry Styles Killer queen – Queen Glory days – Bruce Springsteen SANDER Californiacation – Red hot chilli peppers Chronos – Parkway drive Plug in baby - Muse Are you up for a challenge? By Stefani Stoilova The word ‘adventure’ can be perceived in a lot of aspects. For some of us this means to go on a trip, but for others, going to the shop already is an adventure. In this article, we dare you to try a little different type of adventure – a very challenging one! Let’s talk about addictions. What do you think first of when you hear that word? Cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, right? Don’t worry, we are not planning to challenge to quit drinking! We are talking about quitting on SUGAR. Yes, sugar. Many nowadays studies show us the shocking results of how addictive this substance actually is. You are not convinced about how addiction sensitive it is yet? You can prove yourself by trying to go on a sugar-free week journey! How to start? 1. Read the labels of the food you buy – you will be amazed which foods actually contain sugar. Even some of the things we consider as healthy have sugar and it is clearly labeled on the package. Balsamic vinegar, granola, canned fruits, bottled smoothies – all of them have some amount of sugar. 2. Replace it with alternatives – one of the most famous replacements of sugar is called Dextrose. It is a simple sugar made from corn. People often compare it to fructose. Our bodies break down those simple sugars very quickly. Although, everything is bad in big quantities. Don’t overuse it! 3. Natural sugars are fine – Yes, we know that fruits have sugar in them. The sugar, which fruits have is called fructose and it is not added sugar. If the sugar is artificially added, it is not good for our health. If the sugar is there by nature, it means it is good to go! ELVIRA Corduroy Dreams – Rex Orange County Machine – Imagine Dragons Feels – Son Mieux NIKI Swim – Alec Benjamin Badlands – Brennan Savage McCafferty- Dead-bird 10 RACHEL Amalia – Marco Mengoni Be alright – Dean Lewis Like to be you – Shawn Mendes & Julia Michaels So, are you curious to try going into a week without sugar? Let us know how your journey is going by putting a #sugarfreebrewed hashtag in your description and we would shout you out in an Instagram story! 11