Brewarrina News September 2020 | Page 9

NEWS STORIES FROM THE ANGLICAN CHURCH Among the first ministers there must have been one here in 1880, an Anglican minister married my great grandparents in 1880 and he was a travelling minister. He performed their marriage at the Bokhara Hotel. Travlin ministers would travel around all the properties and have meals and accommodation with them. Originally they’d have been on foot, pushbikes, to a horse and sulky (little 2 wheel buggy) and then we moved up in the world to the old motor cars. When you walk into the church and you look up, the way it is built, the ceiling looks like the hull of an upturned boat. And that seemed to be a common thing in churches of the era, even overseas. Inside we’ve got a few of the original pieces of furniture, there is a couple of old pews, a beautiful alter with a marble top with carved crosses in the corners. The brass candle sticks have been there as long as I can remember and up in the corner is a little brass box that apparently was where they locked the wine. Unfortunately its locked at the moment because the key has been lost, and today all the ministers that come around bring their own. My parents were married there, my brother and I were baptized and my parents and grandparents funeral services were held there, and although I don’t consider myself a good, reliable Anglican, I’ve always had a strong connection to the church. My very favourite thing in the church are the stained glass windows above the alter. I just love to sit and look up at them. If you’re feeling happy, or if you’re feeling sad because it’s a funeral, it gives you something to concentrate on. I just love looking at old churches. I like to think about all the people that have passed through the building and think about happy times and sad times. I was a latecomer to being confirmed into the church I was in my forties and the minister who confirmed me joked at the time and said that confirmation was what they, in the ministry, referred to as the Church’s Leaving Certificate’. The minister at the time .. I just loved his sermons.. he talked about things that were current, whether worldly or personal.. you always paid attention to them. Some church sermons, you’re looking up at the ceiling counting spiders webs, they’ re so boring. It’s a bit of a rarity to find ones that are current. One day he was talking about Tiger Woods sex addiction, it was really interesting. I love current things. I have lived in Brewarrina all my life, that is 60 years and I would like to invite locals and visitors to come and have a look around The Brewarrina Anglican Church, Christ Church Brewarrina. It takes as little or as long as you like, usually about 30 minutes and we can talk and if you want to make a donation to the church maintenance fund, then that would be welcome. If you don’t want to donate, that’s fine too. There are some wonderful stories here, and more come to me as I walk around, so come and visit. Call me on 0428 244 718 or pop into the Visitors Centre. Groups from 1 – 6 people are preferred. Cheryl Massey Alter boys Father Roach & Bishop Stead Did you Know? The Christ Church in Brewarrina was designed by rural church architect Edmund Blackett, who also designed St Andrews Cathedral in Sydney and the Sydney University Quadrangle A plaque on the wall is dedicated to a much loved Robert Clyde Packer, who founded the Packer media empire, was noted for including a womens’ section in news and who died on a boat in Marseilles in 1934. PAGE 9 BREWARRINA NEWS